5 May 2014

Youbeautydiscovery may 2014

The first of my May boxes was ordered an hour or so into May the first, as per usual I stayed up to order, and turned up on the third via the nice yodel lady.

 Here is my youbeautydiscovery box and this one is focused on the CEW (uk) 2014 beauty awards.
There were fourteen different choices this month and as of now six are sold out, as of the fifth of May, and one of the two I selected was sold out by noon on the first.
You always have to be fast with this box if you want specific things and it seems you have to be even faster now than you used to have to be.

A nice magazine this month again and I really like reading through these magazines. They show all the different products that you can pick that month along with promo codes and info on the extras you receive too.

Before we get to my selections I will list the product choice this month though. These were:
  1. Dr organic morroccan argan oil hair treatment serum (sold out)
  2. Philip Kingsley elasticizer (which I hate the smell of)
  3. Percy and reed Eau my goodness shine & fragrance spray
  4. Batiste XXL plumping powder
  5. Manuka doctor mini hero kit (which I have ordered from the manuka doctor website)
  6. Glamglow super mud clearing treatment (which hubby bought me for Mother's Day and I will review soon)
  7. Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing towelettes with white tea extract (sold out)
  8. Fake Bake 60 mines self tan liquid and professional mitt (sold out)
  9. Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygeine Cream, which I nearly chose (sold out)
  10. Glamglow youthmud tinglexfoliate treatment, which I have a big one of and have reviewed after trying in an earlier box. (sold out)
  11. Lola make up finishing brush (sold out)
  12. Carmex moisturising lip balm
  13. Cheeky tongue 'n' cheek, I am earring  cheeky nail varnish atm from my glamour beauty edit box and love that you can do one coat and it still be long lasting.
  14. Oriflame tender care protecting.
Well, there are these months choices. Now to show you the extras I have received this month.

We received three extras this month and these were a sample of the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave in Conditioner (10ml) as well as a voucher for £2 off to use at Boots, a sample of Caudalie Divine Legs (5ml) and finally a sample of Lizi's Granola in Pink Apple and Cinnamon (40g). 

Two out of three will definitely be used as I have a lot of hair and like granola but the divine legs will probably be used but has little point as my legs are always covered no matter the season as I hate my knees.

So, enough about the extras, what did I chose from the choices this month?

My first selection this month was the Lola make up brush. This had sold out by noon on the first and was the item that really jumped out at me this month and the reason I stayed up so I could make sure I could pick it.
This is a multipurpose brush that is designed to create a natural and airbrushed look, according to the leaflet. It can be used for a variety of products such as face primers, creme foundations and compact or loose powder.

This is stocked at M and S and the last item I had from youbeautydiscovery that was stocked by Marks and Spencer was the Neostem serum which I can't afford to buy but I fell in love with.
This brush is really beautiful with a simple style and white tipping on the densely packed bristle. Even the case is really beautiful.
I haven't used it yet but when I do I will update you but if it works as well as it looks I will be really happy.
This is obviously full sized.
This is worth £17 and more info on it can be found here where you can also buy it.

The second item I choose was also full sized and I have to admit I have a love affair with lip balms and this one had really beautiful packaging so I had to have it. This is the Oriflame tender care protecting balm.

The packaging is a really beautiful pale pink colour and this tiny oval tub holds 15ml of a multi purpose healing balm. It feels great on the lips and is more of an oil than the body shop lip butters and dissolves quickly on the skin. It would probably also be great on the eczema I get in the summer and the dry skin we all get in the winter in the horrid cold British weather.
It can also be used as a cuticle cream.
A great item for me to chose and worth £7.95 which is more than the £6.95 this box costs.
My only real issue with this balm is that the pot is very deep and the lip balm is very soft so I have to be careful not to get it under my nails like I did the first time I used it. But I suppose at least the worst it can do is soften under there. Although it is irritating.

So there is my May box. I really like the selection this month and I have to admit my second choice was difficult to chose between the glamglow, the Oriflame ( which I obviously chose), the dr organic hair serum and the Margaret Dabbs Foot Hygeine cream.
This box never disappoints and for £6.95 including delivery by courier most of the time it is amazing value.
More info on youbeautydiscovery can be found here.

According to the back of the leaflet this month next month is a salute to the summer weather on it's way. I say I can't wait for that as it means holidays and also I say roll on my June choices.


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