5 May 2014

A day of books with Edward

My hubby has been at work today (bank holiday Monday in the uk) and Edward and I have been having a day centred around reading and I thought I would share what we have been reading as I have really enjoyed it as he loves to be read to and these are great books.
So what I have read today?

These seven have been read today and are a great mix of classic, new and fairly unknown but all have been great books.
So what are these seven books?

We have a lot of peppa pig books and some I can't stand as peppa is a bit of a brat at times but these were quite nice little books about a sleepover and creatures in the garden. 
These are Peppa's first sleepover and Tiny Creatures.

I have to say I really loved ladybird books as a child and these are ladybird books for the next generation and I hope Edward will remember these books in the future and my reading them to him as these memories are priceless.

Next are two Jill Murphy books that star the Large family and are really good books on general family life. They are books about a chaotic family of six that struggle with every day life with one book about mrs large being ill in bed with constant disturbances and the second about Mr and Mrs Large trying to get out of the house to go to a dinner dance without the children.
The fact that these were first published in the late eighties could date them but it doesn't and they are beautiful books and a great bargain buy as my mother managed to pick them up in Home Bargains a little while ago for under a pound each.
Great books.

The next one is Funnybones by Janet & Allan Ahlberg and this is a book I had in my own childhood house and it brings back memories when I read it to my son. 
Edward really enjoyed it but he got upset when the dog fell over and became a pile of bones. But thankfully he thought it was funny when the dog got put together wrong.
A truly lovely book to share among three generations as my own mother read it to me.

Next is a book written by, the author of the gruffalo, Julia Donaldson and Anna Currey. 
This book is aimed at a younger audience than the gruffalo with less words and Edward really loves this simple story about a lost hat and seems as enthused by it as he is with the Gruffalo.
This is Rosie's Hat and was first published in 2005 and is a charming tale.

The final book we read today is a colour based book that shows Edward the rainbow as well as insects such as caterpillars, butterflies and ladybirds as well as birds and frog. A really nice board book that is almost brand new and published by little learner a that is owned by Parragon Books ltd. 
I won this in a twitter competition and Edward really likes this book that I would never have bought but is a great addition to Edward's burgeoning library.

So, that was my bank holiday Monday. Anyway else do anything nice or found any other nice books I could try with Edward?


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