26 May 2014

Nerdblock jr girls may 2014

The next nerd block I received this month was the nerd block jr girls box and this is my last girls box as I will be getting the horror box instead of the jr boxes from now on.

The box this month was a nice box as it had a good selection and it was really great to see another two funko items. But what did I receive in my May Nerd Block jr girls?

The first item in this box will be going in the present box to keep until Edward is older as it is a Funko Pop! 3-D Bookmark in a despicable me design. It is really nice and I love the design and I have little doubt it will be great for him when he is older.
This is worth about £8.

The next item in the box is by Crayola and is EZ-3D Xtreme Coloring pack. According to the packaging the pens, paper and glasses will combine to get a 3D effect which is definitely a twist on colouring in. I think Edward will enjoy these pens.

The next item in the box is from Mattel and it is a Polly Pocket mystery pack and I got this little ginger teen with a too short skirt. She is pretty enough but tbh when I was younger Polly Pockets were tiny and I much preferred when they fit in your pocket as without that ability polly's usp is gone.

The next item is another mystery pack and I really love this as it holds the same excitement that a Kinder egg did for me when I was a child. It is a hello kitty pencil topper, I think, and Is produced by Sanrio co. and  love it as it is so girly in a house full of boys stuff.

The final item in this box is probably my favourite item and worth about the £14 I pay for this box. They are Funko Mini Pop Vinyl figurines in Snow white and grumpy and are super cute. These will be put on my figurine shelf or on my shelf with Big Bang vinyl figurines.
I really love them.

So, that was my May box and my last box but it is a great box to finish on as I am only finishing it to buy another nerdblock and not because I dislike it.
It was great value this month and I recommend it on this months box.
More info on nerd block can be found here.


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