21 May 2014

Painting with Edward

Edward seems to go through fazes and atm the hobby of choice, other than stealing my ipad is painting. 

Here is my little bean constructing a masterpiece last week. 
Sorry that I have not been on much but I am writing prep sheets ready for the next campnanowrimo in July and doing very quick video reviews on my YouTube channel.

I love how he is yet to realise that the paints are best not mixed.

Here are his first art works that are now very proudly displayed on my fridge. On the right is grandma, my mum. Gonna have to see if he will draw nana soon too.

And here I am with Edward in my belly, according to my son.

I have to admit this is a great activity for Edward and as he is a bit of a clean freak it wasn't that messy as he kept the paint on the paper.


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