10 May 2014

Glamglow super mud clearing treatment (picture review)

My hubby and son gave me this Gift Sexy Glowmud set for mothers day and as I have already reviewed youthmud on here I decided to do a supermud picture review too.
The set came in a beautiful box.

Inside the box are the two different masks and they are so beautiful in this box.

The glamglow supermud comes in the silver and white tub. This has a net weight of 34g.

The tub is very small but I only use about three fingers tips of this on my face and as you can see it is only slightly depleted after the two uses I had already done when I took this picture. There is probably at least ten to twenty uses in this tub.

After immediate use I turn into camo girl. It dries really fast though and scares my son who hates the idea of my face being dirty.

This is after thirty minutes of use.
Spot where on my face I have skin issues.
My nose has recently gone greasy for the first time in my life and ironically this all too obvious in this picture and shows how well the mask gets in the pores and attacks the impurities.

I love how it tightens and cleanses the skin and after trying both the youthmud and this product I will say I definitely prefer this one as it seems to give a deeper clean and makes my skin tightener and fresher for longer, usually three or four days or up to a week.

A great product.

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