25 May 2014

Glamour magazine subscription gift

So, I decided to resub to Glamour magazine because my sub had ran out a while ago and I was waiting to see an offer that really jumped out at me this time. So when I saw I could get it for £9 for 12 edition plus a lucky bag I couldn't help but get excited and I was even more excited when my luckybox arrived as it was a huge bag that was full and heavy.
So, what did I receive in my Luckybag and why I am so happy?

The first item I received in my bag was this gift box and it is by St Moriz and it is their Loves to Party set. This has their Instant Self Tanning Dark Mousse, Instant Bronzing Gel and Bronzing Powder.
Looking it up I have seen this is worth £9.99.

The next item in my bag looked like it had formally been a magazine freebie but that didn't bother me as it looked really good. 
This is the kate spade new york glamour nail varnish by nails inc london and it is 10ml and in the shade soho silver. I really love nail varnish so it is great.
This is £9.75 for beauty bay so great to get in a lucky bag.

The next two items in the bag were from nelsons and were from their pure & clear range and were their balancing moisturiser and purifying daily facial wash. These look really good and are great for me at the moment as my skin is going through on odd phase and has decided to go oily dry normal combo which is irritating.
These are worth £7.85 and £8.49.

The next item in my bag was another St. Moriz product and this was the Medium Matte Instant Body Tan Wash Off. I will look forward to trying this but might try it at my in laws where they have a shower as mine is broke or wait until Him Indoors is willing to change ours.
This is worth £4.99.

The next item I received was a lip pencil from Model Co and it is their Illusion Nude Lip Liner. I love it as it has a sparpener on the lid and according to the packaging one size fits all. 
According to the model co. site this is worth £16.

The final item in my bag was from Bach and it is their Rescue Balm. I used their rescue remedy drops as a teen as I was nervous and had pretty bad depression which is thankfully in remission but if this is anything like that i look forward to using it.
This is worth £4.40.

So there are all the goodies I received in my luckybag and I am over the moon with it all. I really like what I received and wonder if they all differed. Such a great deal though from £9 including 12 months of Glamour magazine too.


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