29 May 2014

Memebox mini #2

My minibox #2 arrived this afternoon courtesy of Royal Mail and I  was over the moon to receive it as it is still showing as in Incheon so it was a surprise but a great surprise.
I am totally in love with memebox atm as you can tell by my lots of reviews and this one was a great box to buy as I had points to use and this box was only $15 including postage before I used my points so it was bargain in my eyes even without the point as these box contain 4 -8 deluxe samples or foil packs and that seemed cheap so I bought it.
But what did I receive?

This was what was in my box and I was really happy to see that there were only two repeats in this box and they are both products I will use and one is the tonymoly tint that I love.

The first item in my box is the most expensive and it was an option to receive this or to receive the Mool pool which I received in box 10 so I am glad I got this instead of a box I just received.
This is the CNP Aqu Refresh Cleansing Water in a 70ml size. I have never tried a cleansing water but happy to try this out as it looks good and is supposed to be even good for removing eye make up so I am looking forward to using it.
According to their figures it is worth $46.90 for the 70ml sample I have received.

The next item is an item that sadly leaked and I have had to contact Memebox as there is little left. This is the goodal Repair Plus essentiall oil in a 15ml sample. According to the leaflet this essential oil can be used on hair, skin and nails and will hydrate and nourish.
This is worth $10.05.

The next item in the box is the Kocostar Nail Therapy finger masks. I really look forward to using these finger masks as they help to soften cuticles and nourish nails which is good as my nails tend to be really brittle after spending my whole life biting them. I gave up nail biting last year and now struggle with it.
These are also novel you get a mask for each finger instead of a whole hand mask and that improves their appeal to me. Sad but true.
This pack contains 1 treatment and is worth $4.80.

The next items in the box is another product that will also help me to stop biting my nails and they are the Blacklees Nail Stickers. They are super cute and you receive three packs. Below are the ones I received:

I received art 139, 145 and 146 and these were stars, cats and ties and glasses. I really love these as they are super cute and will be fun to wear. These are worth $8.40.

The final item in the box is a Tonymoly delight tony tint in #2 red. It is a sample size and a duplicate to the one I have in my handbag. I really love this as it is a non sticky formula that gives long lasting red coloured tint to the lips that doesn't bleed and come off when I drink, eat or kiss my son (thankfully it stops him having lip marks on his cheek at church) and is perfect with pink undertones.
This can also be used as a blusher.
This is worth about 60cents but it sounds a bit cheap and I wonder if it is a spelling error.

So, there is my memebox mini #2 and I love it. It actually cost me $5 as I had some memepoints and even at $15 including postage this is a bargain as the contents are a lot better value than the uk boxes which cost more than this box.
Can't wait to use it all.

If you want more info on memebox you can use this link here and if you want to purchase anything you can use this code to get $3 off:  UUXF5W

*this review contains an affiliate link but the box was bought with my own pennies*


  1. You got a bargain there! I really like those nail masks. I got 3 sets in the hair & body box and after using two sets my nails which had been very weak and flaky were much much better.

    1. have some from my hair and body too and really look forward to using them. These mini boxes were amazing and I hope that they do more.