10 May 2014

March and April empties

I have been using up quite a few products up recently so as I have a burgeoning empties bucket, and sadly also a burgeoning migraine today, I have decided to chronicle them so that I can throw them away on Tuesday.

The first three empties I have this month are:

John Frieda Frizz ease flawlessly straight conditioner. I am totally in love with this as frizz ease really does what it says on the pack, ease the frizz in my long wild hair. I will probably buy more of this when it goes on promotion again at Asda.

Yves rocher Gentle floral toner which I bought on promotion at 2 for 1 price and that I am totally in love with and is my favourite toner so far. It seems to keep breakouts at bay and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and revitalised. Not had any issues with sensitive eyes with this toner either.

Edward's Halos n horns kids bathtime zingy orange hair & body wash. I use this as a body wash in the bath for Edward and I love how gentle this is and how great it smells. It is also great as it has less nasties and isn't tested on animals. We have lots of other products from this range that we use on Edward too.

The next two products are:

The boots smile anti bacterial mouthwash in freshmint x 2 which really is a bog standard mouthwash and the only two I could found, although I have used more. These were cheap when bought as were 2 for 1 and I had a coupon to use as well.

The Tresemme Naturals nourishing moisture shampoo that lasted me about six months and cost £2.50 on promotion at Asda. This left my hair feeling clean and refreshed and I really liked the price and the product.

The next products are a cleanser, toner and a body lotion and they are:

The Soap & Glory Face Soap & Clarity 3 in 1 daily detox vitamin c facial wash. I really liked this when I used it and the scruby particles in it are ace. I have another one to use once I get through my cleansers and it is great value for the money

Babe Tonic Lotion that was more expensive than the Yves Rocher but not as good. Got this on amazon and probably wouldn't buy again.

Greenland Pure & white certified organic body lotion vitalizing italian lime & vanilia. Omg I love that product as it is really creamy with a strong scent of lime. I got that from a PR company and reviewed it on here and fell in love. I might have to look for that again as last time I looked you could only buy it in bulk.

The next items are a shower gel, toner and a cleanser.

I fell in love with the Collection Cacao range from Yves Rocher and was very unhappy to see that they were limited edition and stocked up a bit while I could. This was a bottle of their Cocoa and Raspberry Perfumed Shower Gel and I used this in Edward's baths and it bubbled up nicely and had a lovely smell. Hoping they release this again next Christmas!

The Olay essentials refreshing toner is okay but nothing to rush out on buy as in my opinion there are better toners on the market like the Yves Rocher.

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean is okay and it does the job but my favourite thing about it is the smell which wows me. I prefer the Face Soap & Clarity. 

The next three items in my empties this month are a serum, moisturiser and a toothpaste and they are:

The much hyped The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum in Oil which is another product that does what it says on the pack, i.e adds moisture, but isn't amazing and I wouldn't rush out to buy it.

The Lilas Blanc Secret Eclat Jeunesse which I love as it makes my skin really soft and a little goes a long way but that I wouldn't buy again as the supplier in the UK is Betrousse and they are really unreliable.

Blanx white shock formula toothpaste which I tried in my Lovemebeauty box and I really like and have bought more since. I really like the flavour and it seems to clean well.

These are my final products and they are:

Two sheet masks from my Memeboxes. I much prefer my Glamglow though and i find the sheet masks slip and slide a bit on my face but I will use them as I have loads of them. These are the Leaders Red Energy Coconut Bio Mask with tomato and the LJH Doctor's Care + Facial Mask Sheet Teatree.

Another Yves Rocher product and this is the Organic Lavender Foot Repair Balm. This is another great product that seems to help me sleep while it works its magic overnight on my feet.

The final product is another cult product and this is the Bioeffect EGF Serum but to be honest this is another so what product as I much prefer my Korean serum I am using atm.

So, there are my March/April empties and to be honest I am off to put them in my recycling and hope my migraine goes away soon.


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