23 May 2014

Souksouk may 2014

This is my Souksouk box for May 2014.  It is a box that is more centred on natural beauty and has had up and down months for me as I tend to prefer other boxes but I like that these are natural products. 
But, enough of that, what was in this months box?

These are the products for this month and to be honest nothing here really jumps out at me and appeals to me. This month we have a moisturiser, hand serum, nail lacquer, a body lotion and finally a french soap.
So, what did I receive?

The first two products are from Mistral and they are the Verbena Petit French Soap and the Verbena Body Lotion. 
The scent is quite delicate but I like it but I don't really use soap and the body lotion is only 60ml so it won't go to far but it is nice to try. The other issue with this is that the packaging looks quite dated even if the product is nice.
The soap is worth £3.50 and the body lotion is worth £4.75.

The next two items in the box are from SpaRitual and they are their Nail Lacquer and their Handprint Hand serum. The nail lacquer is in Innocence which is a colour I would not pick out as it is a muddy mocha and not too great on my pale skin so I won't be using it. Might be better on a tanned skin though.
The hand serum is very nice but it is a very small sample at 7.4ml and although it is nice I will only use it for a short while before I go back to other hand creams.
The nail lacquer is worth £9.75 and the serum is worth £2.

The final item in this box is from Essential Care and it is their Replenishing Cream. I already have this cream that is made from cold pressed avocado and olive oils, shea butter and nettle herb and I really like the idea of it as it can be used as a night or a day cream, although I haven't used it yet as my stash is huge.
This is worth £7.50.

So, this is my souksouk box atm and I have cancelled it this month so I can get six months of Birchbox. Was a nice sub though if you want natural and organic products.


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