28 May 2014

Lootcrate may 2014

This is my Lootcrate may that arrived a while ago. I have to admit I am far behind this month but hoping to catch up.

The box looks really great this month and the theme of adventire is very exciting and I really loved that the first thing I saw when I opened the box was this penguin.

The penguin was a Funko product and was an instant hit with the little one and he had that and I had what was inside.

Which was this little man who is on my figurine shelf and I am love with as he is so cute.

The next item in the box was a Minecraft mystery pack.

Inside was this little keyring that I will out on my bag with my Mario keyrings and will be a great addition.

The next item is the star item in the box and it is the T shirt that is Zelda this month, although I had to explain that to Paul as he didn't recognise that it was Zelda and I had to explain that to him.
To be honest I think he had a long day.

The next item in the box is a multitude of stickers that represent the curators of this box.

The final item in the box, other than the badge, is a The Friends Zone Soundtrack. I have never heard of this show and to be honest it doesn't really excite me.

So, there is my Lootcrate for this month and it was well worth it as the T shirt was fab and more than paid for the box and I loved the keyring and figurine and Edward loved the tin.
Roll on next month.



  1. Are you planning to keep the Markiplier tattoos? If not, I'd be happy to trade you for them. You're on MUT, right?

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