26 May 2014

Nerd block jr boys box May 2014

So, my third Nerd block box arrived last week and this is my review of it. This is the Nerd Block Jr Boys box for May 2014.

Another nerdblock and another stuffed box. I have admit though for me the little joker figurine really dominates. But what did I get in my box?

The first item in my box is the joker figurine and I really love him. He will go on my bag with my mario keyrings and will be a fab addition. He looks really nice and is well made and detailed. A great item in my box.

The next item in my box is by Viacom and it is a Teenage Mutant Ninja (I always want to write Hero) Turtle Water Grow Turtle. This a turtle that starts out skinny and over two weeks he will grow up to eight times his size. It looks rather fun and I have never seen anything quite like it.

The next item in this Nerd block is another star wars plushie and this time I received Darth Vader. I really like these and he can sit with my stormtrooper that I received in my Nerdblock classic box this month.

The next item in the box this month was from Techdeck and it is a Longboard that Edward fell in love with when he saw it and it is a tiny skateboard with replacement wheels and stickers to customise it. I had initially said he couldn't have it as I was worried about the wheels but hubby gave it to him today and he seems to enjoy it.

The final two items in the box, and my Nerdblock boxes this month, are two packs of game cards. On the left is a pokemon topps supersize chrome 5 cards set and on the right is a Star Wars Pocketmodel tag trading card game game pack that contains 4 to 8 pocketmodels and 6 game card. 

So, there is my Nerd block jr boys May 2014 and I have to admit that I much prefer the girls box this month, although this is my last nerdblock jr box. 
An okay box though.


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