8 May 2014

Lovelula may 2014

I've recently signed up for a few boxes as I am looking at cancelling some again and this was one that I signed up for again after getting it a little while ago and deciding to try it again for three boxes and this is my first box of the three I prepaid for.

This is my Lovelula May box that arrived this afternoon.

So odd to see these leaflets again after a while away but definitely exciting.

Eight samples in my box this month and although I have one sample (the lip and cheek stain) from a Birchbox I am really happy to see a few brands that I have never tried before and products I haven't tried as well as some goods that will be great to take on my holidays.
So, what did I get?

The first two items were from Fresh therapies and are two different types of samples of their natural nail varnish remover products.
The first sample is a nourishing nail varnish wipe that is sufficient for 10 nails according to the packaging and the second sample is a small vial of the nourishing nail polish remover.
According to the packaging of the wipe these products  these products contain no toxins and have no chemical smell and are safe in pregnancy as well as being not tested on animals and are vegan and smell of lime.
I will have to wait to use these as I am having nail 'issues' atm but will report back when I try them.

The next two items are a shampoo and conditioner from the brand 'swell' and these are both 50ml which makes them ideal for taking on holiday.  These are from their Advanced Volumizing range and also contain their unique root complex that is supposed to give root to tip volume and health to fine, limp and thinning hair.
Not sure how this will affect my thick long hair but happy to take these when I go on holiday.

The next item I have received befotre and it is the jane iredale Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain.

I received it in the shade Forever pink and this is a pink with red undertones that would be a great cheek tint as my lips are too dark for such a light colour but the packaging is really beautiful and I love these minis as they are great for a handbag.

The next item in the box are two skincare samples from Pai. They are two 4ml trial size tiny tubs of their Camelia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser and their Chamomile and Rosehip Calming Day Cream. Both smell lovely and I have to admit I have seen this brand in the Lovelula newsletters and look forward to trying these, especially the day cream.
Also the Pai creams are supposed to be good for sensitive skin, which is a definite bonus.

The final item in the box is a foil sample of the John Masters organics blood orange & vanilla body milk and this sounds like it smells nice and I look forward to using it as I have never tried this before.

So, that is my first Lovelula box since my return to them. and I really like the contents as it gave me mix of products and brands. I really look forward to my June box.

More info can be found on this box here



  1. I cancelled Glossybox a couple of months ago and I'm about to cancel Love Me Beauty. Do you have a sign up code for this box? It looks great!

    1. I love the Lovelula Beauty Box and I want to refer a friend - can you offer me anything as an incentive to do so?

      First, tell a friend about the Lovelula Beauty Box.

      Once that friend has signed up get them to email us at info@lovelula.com with the title "Refer A Friend" with both your name as the referer and theirs too.

      A £10 Gift Voucher will be emailed to you both to redeem against products available within our online store* at www.lovelula.com within 2 working days of the receipt of the referral email.

      *The £10 Gift Voucher can only be applied when you spend £30 or more. It can only be used once. It cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. It cannot be redeemed against the Lovelula Beauty Box monthly payments (however, can be redeemed against the Yearly Option). Cannot be redeemed against other Gift Vouchers.

      found this.... signed up as Paul George

  2. Not sure how i feel about Lovemebeauty atm... i dont mind the paper pads in there but much prefer it to say 'we are changing into a lifestyle box' than to change without saying anything.

    1. I didn't realise I could pause it so I ended up giving away everything in last month's box, it just wasn't suitable for me at all. Waste of money, for me personally. Then I paused it but they still billed me! I have so much stationery already that I could start a shop and I buy Tea Pigs anyway... They didn't email to say they were billing. Then when I contacted them asking for a refund they said I could just keep the credit for the next box but to email back if I still want the refund - so I asked for a refund on Wednesday, got a response this morning and now won't get a response until Monday and then the refund a few days later. I know it isn't much money but I'll be charged interest on it on my credit card all the same. I had already asked for the refund they just delayed it further, which annoyed me so I'm going to cancel. When I'm next on PC I'll have a proper look at Love Lula, thanks!

      (P.S. Sorry for the rant!)

    2. Nope I completely understand the rant. I am still not sure if I will cancel or not in July. I also didn't realise you could pause.

      It is definitely concerning though as these boxes used to be amazing.

  3. I skipped Love Me Beauty last month, I much prefer skincare and makeup and I wasn't impressed that 2 of the 4 products were haircare, but the May selection is even worse! I want beauty stuff, not lifestyle, and had I known this was the direction they were moving in I wouldn't have bought a 3 mth sub and just got a monthly sub instead. I've skipped again and just got to hope June is better because I want to use my last month's sub then leave them tbh! I had a little moan about the box at http://lovesandloathes.wordpress.com lol!