10 May 2014

Love me beauty may 2014

I have to admit that the Love me Beauty box has always been a favourite box but the May boxes seem to be sending this box in a direction I don't particularly like and seeing what other bloggers have said and the comments that I have seen other people seem to agree with my bewilderment.
But which menu did I choose and what was in the box?

I choose menu 3 this month but I have to admit none really interested me and I prepaid and didn't realise I could pause so I chose the one I liked best from the three options available.

You can see the main issue even from the opening picture and this is that 40% of this box of this  box is made up of non beauty products and one of these items is seen in all the boxes and tbh I am disappointed that it is one of the items in this box.
So, what were my individual items?

The first item in box are a set of three pocket notebooks by Go stationery. This is probably the second most disappointing item in the box is it isn't beauty and these are tiny and although I like notebooks as I use them a lot when I write these are teeny tiny.
These supposedly have a rrp of £5 for the three but I doubt I would pay that for these tiny books even if they are are pretty.

Next are an item that are often extras in other boxes but are a main item in this box. These are the teapigs super fruit teabags and tbh as soon as I saw them as a featured item I wasn't particular impressed as they are often a lifestyle extra in Birchbox but to have them as a main item takes the biscuit a bit as this is supposed to be a beauty box. 
These are worth 65p so £1.95 for the three.

The next item in my box is a Raw Skincare Natural Lip Balm in Rescue Me. I have a lot of lip balms so this will probably go in my stash. It doesn't really jump out at me and the packaging and £1.95 price tag doesn't really shout luxury at me.

The next item in the box is a nail varnish from Nail girls in the shade 'nude pink' and for me it is just another pink nail varnish. The packaging and colour doesn't say buy me and I much prefer the cheeky nail varnish I got in my latest in beauty box and if this is the formulation in all of their varnishes I wouldn't pay the £13.50 they say is the rrp.

The final items in this box are three 4ml samples of suti products. I received the Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm and Fabulous foot balm. These are natural skincare products and although they smell nice enough the rrp of £6.50 for this set seems a bit high and I wouldn't pay it tbh. I will try them but not to happy them are more sample sized product.

So, that was my May box and as you can tell I wasn't impressed with these products that were either samples, overpriced products (in my opinion), low value or none beauty products.
My June box should be free as I have recommended other people but if it is like this box I will probably cancel, which is sad as this is my longest running box.
Just hope it is better though.


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  1. I have apparently now been issued with a refund but the way the person from customer services addressed me in their email was downright sarcastic and rude and always puts me off a company so I'm going to cancel if June doesn't wow me!

    The notepads are really nice but they look tiny and I have 100s of notepads that I use for a while then move on to another one so since Christmas I've been making a conscious effort to use them up, These would have gone to waste.

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