2 May 2014

Memebox hair and body

I collected this box, my hair and body box, yesterday after going out to the zoo, never quite got there but that is another story. When I opened it I was surprised as my lucky box three had been shipped first, but arrived today, and will be reviewed next, and that it came in this amazzzzzing box. 
I really like this box and it reminds me of the Glossybox boxes and I will use it for storage unlike the pink boxes that are put straight in my recycling. It has the cutest pattern inside the lid as well as there is a white background with pink polkadots.
Anyway, Mr Memebox I am in love and please use these from now on.

But, back to the box, This is my Memebox Hair and Body.

Here is a closer look at the pretty box first though. So sturdy and pretty as well as functional.

A really full box that looks really packed for the eighteenish pounds I paid ($29.99). But what is in there?

The first item in my box is the Rosapacific 19 Real Neck Sheet.  This is a mask for the neck that helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles according the leaflet. I have to admit it isn't really an issue I have yet at 32 but it will interesting to try. This has a costing of $3.50.

The next item in my box is the 1004 Laboratory Kiss the Perfume Brilliant Hair Treatment 300g. 
This smells amazing with a scent of cherry blossom and has 4 natural oils and 20 vegetable extracts that helps to repair damage and replenish moisture. This is used as a treatment between shampooing and conditioning.
This has a costing of $49.

The next item in the box is another mask but this one is for swollen legs and feet. 
These are by Annagaspi and are the Brilliant Body Design Patch. This looks quite interesting and might be interesting to use when my new exercise bike is delivered, after I managed to break the last one through overuse. This has a costing of $15 for the two packs of four that you receive.

The next item in the box is a steam hair pack that looks really interesting and is used rather look like a shower cap after you have shampooed your hair. 
This is the SD Hair Steam Hair Pack 30g. According to the leaflet it has three ingedients in it that will provide deep nourishment, moisturising and restorative properties and these are argan oil, which I use in my hair already in serums that I use pre blow drying to deal with heat damage, royal jelly and black food. Will review this when I use it as I have never seen anything like it before.
This has a costing of $21.

The next item in my box is for te nails and will help stop them splitting, peeling and breaking due to the mix of botanicals and vitamins in this treatment. 
This is the Kocastar Nail Therapy treatment and have received three packs of these finger masks. 
These are worth $15 for the three packs.

The next item in the box is the Zivon Plu Scrub Oriental Jin +. 
This is a body scrub that contains red ginseng, macadamia oil, olive oil, argan oil and other natural oils. This scrub will gently exfoliate while moisturising according to the leaflet and can be use on body & Hand & Foot according to the packaging.
This is a quarter of full sized and worth $6.25. 

The next item in the box is the item that I have used most since I got the box yesterday and it is the Evas RoseMine Perfume Touch in Gleaming Bijou. 
This a perfume that is a gel that smells really floral and i really like that it isn't too overpowering but is still really pretty and feminine. A great item.
This is worth $17 according to the leaflet.

The final item in the box is a pair of Golden Glove Exfoliating Gloves.
 I don't own any exfoliating gloves and have never used them before so I am quite interested in trying these. 
According to the leaflet these are worth $16 for the pair.

So, that was my hair and body box and I really like the wide selecttion in this box and will especially enjoy using the nail masks as I am growing my nails again after regressing back to some bad habits and they are once again quite long so I want them to be healthy so they don't break so much.
I also love the perfume too and it is such great value. 

Well, off to do lucky box three review.
More info can be found on Memebox here.


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