23 May 2014

Birchbox may 2014

My Birchbox came last week and I was really pleased with it but due to other commitments I have only just got around to reviewing this box.
This box is a collaboration with Harpers Bazaar and unlike the Lulu guiness box the box has been designed and it isn't just a designed sleeve with one of their grey brown boxes inside.

The theme this month is 'great outdoors' which is great as the nice weather has arrived this week so it is perfect timing.

These were the contents of my May box and I have to admit that it was so full I had a little trouble getting it all back in my box and had to unbox one item to get it to fit.

These are the contents unboxed and as you can see for £12.95 (less for me as I buy six months in advance) you got a lot this month. There two duplicates from my stash in this box and that doesn't really upset me as both products are high quality from good brands, my duplicates being the benefits they're real and the LIz Earle that was so beautifully packaged.

So, what was in my box?

The first item is a duplicate item I already have the full sized version in the starter kit,  that I got in my Birchbox Christmas box. 
In this box I received a 30ml sample, whereas in my starter box it is 100ml.
This is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and I saw that some subscribers would receive this in the facebook spoilers and I have to admit I am extremely happy to receive it as it also included a muslin cloth and I can try this out after my DHC oil and see if I like it before I open the gift set.
This is worth about £3.96.

I have to admit when Birchbox said all subscribers would receive a nail varnish in this months box I let out a groan as we received a nail varnish in may and it felt like overkill.
However this Soigne nail varnish is amazing as it wears well and I received Pomegranate which is a lovely dark red. 
A great product to receive and full sized with a value of £11.

The next item in my box this month was the Philip Kingsley One More Day leave in dry shampoo in a 50ml sample size.
I really like this dry shampoo and I am extremely happy that it doesn't smell like the elasticizer as I hate the smell of that. It is really nice and didn't leave me with greasy hair, although I rarely use dry shampoo so it should last a while.
This is worth about £3.37

The next item in this box is a Aromatherapy associates bath and shower oil in Relax Light. This is in a 3ml size and smells strongly of lavender as it is mainly made up of lavender and ylang ylang oil.
I am really glad that they sent me this one and not the revive morning one as I bathe and night and this one smells amazing. 
This is worth £2.13.

The next item in my box is the other duplicate for me, I think I might have two more of these, and this is a benefit they're Real beyond mascara in a 3.0g size. 
From what I have heard from other bloggers this is a love it or loathe it product as it is difficult to remove but atm I haven't tried it so I will have to see which I am.
This is worth £6.88.

The final product in this box is a 14 day supply of Imedeen derma one vitamins. These are supposed to help improve the skin quality and moisture balance and help maintain skin radiance. They look really interesting and I will try them to see how good they are.
This is worth £18.99.

So, there is my Birchbox May box. It was the best box I have ever seen from Birchbox and actually convinced me to resubscribe for six more months as I could get a free Hoola blusher and I couldn't resist.
Can't wait for next month.

If you want you can use my link here and if you sign up we both get £5 of points to use in their store. Atm on the 23rd May you can use NEW14 if you go monthly to get first box with no shipping charge or HOOLA to get a free HOOLA bronzer.

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