4 May 2014

Superloot April 2014

This is my first superloot box that arrived a few days ago in May and I am apologise (again) that I will have to go back and do my nerdblock reviews as my campnanowrimo in April has delayed my blogposts a little but I swear I will get back on track.

Anyway, back to superloot and my unboxing. 

On opening I wasn't too optimistic about this box as it was half empty (guess I am a half empty person after all). But, what did I get?

First item in the box was a tiny little bag and to be honest this will probably be kept in my bandbag and used for lipstick and small cosmetics. Such a cute little bag though and it will be very useful, although I am certain that it's purpose was definitely not to be used as a makeup bag in a handbag but we all have our quirks.

The next item is a attack on Titan sunglasses case that my hubby can use in his car. This goes really nicely with the items I received in my march Lootcrate too.

Next is the t-shirt that is a salute to time travel with literally a crash between doctor who and back to the future. It is a really nice Fruit of the loom t shirt and Paul really liked it.

Next is Marty mcfly's driving license. Well there is a sentence I never expected to say on my blog but there it is.

Next is a packet of Bleach playing cards. I strangely don't have cards but maybe these can teach me the patience I need as a mother. As I say to my son 'patience is a virtue', although we both lack it somewhat.

The final item in my box is a Super Mario Bros. wii Mario keyring. I really like this and had to fight my son for possession but it is now very proudly on my new next handbag and will stay there as Edward can't foil the clip.

Well,  there is my first Superloot box and I really liked the contents and think it was great value. I can't wait for my May box.
More info on superloot can be found here.


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