22 May 2014

Memebox #10

I just have to apologise to my regular readers as I have been gone for a while but I am still hear it is just that I have been busy with writing and doing short shaky vids on youtube. 
But I am back now and I will put up a few reviews over the next few days. This is my first and it is my Memebox #10.
 My memebox #10 arrived yesterday and as per normal for the standard memeboxes it was amazing value for money and it had a great selection of products and 5 of the six products were full sized and that was great as it means that you can get a good impression of whether you really like a product, which is hard with a small sample.

As you can see this box was really full and I really love that about this boxes as for $29.99 including postage it is superb value. So what did I get in this box?

The first item in box that seemed to dominate this month is by Drww and it is the Multi Action Smart Cream Gel and it is full sized at 70ml . 
According to the leaflet this is a moisturising cream combined with a whitening and anti ageing essence and is great for tired and damaged skin.
This has a value of $59 on the leaflet.

The next item is by Atopalm and is their Moisturizing Eye Repair Serum and it is full sized at 15ml. According to the leaflet is paraben free and will moisturise and brighten the skin and the patented MLE technology helps to keep the skin hydrate.
This is worth $49.

The next item in the box is from Mise en scene and at first I thought that it was a duplicate product but I know now that it isn't and this one is the Curling Essence 2X and is full sized at 150ml.
This is an essence that will provide deep nutrition and define your curls. Great for days I want curls in my naturally wavy hair.
This is worth $14.

The next item in the box is from Caolion and it is the Mool Pool Deep Cleansing. According to the leaflet this will stop you double cleansing as it should melt away even waterproof makeup but should be still gentle on the skin with the oil free formula.
I can't wait to try it.
This is full sized at 75ml and worth $19.

The next item in this box is the only sample sized product and it is the Hanskin Bio Origin Royal Ampoule BB SPF 30 PA++ in a 5ml size. This is a BB serum and I really love it as it glides on effortlessly and matches my skin well as most of their BB creams are especially suited to very pale skin. I also love the spf as I need it as I burn so easily and I don't want that.
This is worth $9.

The final item in my memebox #10 is a sheet mask and this is the Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask. I have tried a few of these sheet masks since starting to buy the memeboxes but I am yet to use a black one or receive one I am looking forward to trying this one.
According to the card this one provides deep nourishment and will tighten, brighten and soothe the skin.
This is worth $4.

So, there was my memebox #10 and for just over eighteen pounds including postage it is great value and I love receiving all the products as they are so different from the UK products. Can't wait for the next box that ships on the 28th of this month.



  1. Hi ive just recently found out about this company and ive been hooked since, and cheekly enough bought about 4 boxes. Got my first bx for really cheap due to signing up. I do live in the uk and these boxes are $23 + $6.99 for delivery that's around £17/18 including postage but i haven't received any of mine yet they are due for shipping next week but im scared about import tax and Duties. I have terrible luck with any post,and i feel like im going to get stung by the customs :( but we shouldn't get tax because the item is below the £15 in Sterling Rate. but i wanted to know have you experience any tax on yours.

    1. sorry for long delay with replying. I haven't had an issues with customs so far and in general most of those issues were early on for memeboxees. I can not, however, guarantee no one will get stopped in the future my customs.