29 May 2014

Degustabox May 2014

I always get excited when my degustabox comes and this month was no different as it was delayed slightly due to the bank holiday in the uk but it arrived this morning and I am over the moon.
So, what was in it?

The first item I received this month was from Garofalo, who has given us pasta in a previous box, and it is a packet of Penne paste. This is a 500g bag and worth £1.89. This is a genuine Italian brand and produces good quality pasta with good ingredients and I look forward to using it as pasta is very popular in the house, especially with my son.

The next item is another variation on an item I received in an earlier box and it is from Cawston Press and it is their Cloudy apple sparkling Apple Juice Soft Drink. I have already consumed this and I really love that it has three ingredients and is all natural. These have a rrp of £1 and are delicious but I have to admit I preferred the rhubarb as I love rhubarb.

The next item was from Taylors of Harrogate who own the Bettys tearooms in Yorkshire. I love their cakes.
This is their blackberry and elderflower fruit tea. I will drink fruit tea but it isn't my favourite but this sounds like an interesting flavour so I might enjoy it.
This is worth £2.99.

The next item is by Raw and it is energy chewing gum which is a definitely new thing for me. I don't really like chewing gum but I really like the look of this as it would be great for Paul as he has difficulty sleeping as his work shifts are a little odd and with a toddler it is hard to get sleep even if he is on his four days off, so he might enjoy the two packets of these that we received in this box.
These are worth £1.98 for these 2 packets.

The next two products were from Cirio and were passata and puree. We really love pasta in this house so these are well received as I have neither in the house and will be great when I am having a pasta day, which we normally do when Paul is at work  as I am not the best cook. I am a much better baker than a cook to be honest.
These are worth £1.35 for the passata and £1.10 for the puree.

The next items in the box were from Hornsby's and were two of their ciders. We really love cider in this house and having tried the Strawberry and Lime cider that has a pear base I can say it is absolutely delicious. The crisp apple one will be for hubby though but if it is as nice as the pear one he will be well happy.
These are worth £2.50 for the two.

The next item in my box is from Kettle and it is a 80g bag of their sweet chilli crisps. I really like these as does my little one and they are really great and I am glad to have a voucher for £1 off my next pack as at £2.49 they would have to be a rare treat. It is great that they are 50% less fat though and taste so nice.

The next item I am pretty sure only I will eat in the house as hubby isn't keen on this type of thing. These are crispbreads from Finn Crisp and they are wholegrain, rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and low fat.
Not the best tasting but healthy.
These are worth £1.29.

The next item in this box is from Elizabeth Shaw and my favourite as my hubby and son won't eat dark chocolate but I like it. These are from their flutes lines and are delicious.
These are worth £2.59.

The final item in box is going to be really useful when I bake and I might really enjoy it as it will help to stop my cakes sticking in the pans. This is the Dr Oetker Cake release spray and is worth £2.28.

So, there is my May 2014 and like always it is fab. You get a lot for your £12.99  and I really enjoy it.
Roll on next month.

If you want to try this box out you can get £3 off by using my link and I will get money towards my next box. My link is: https://www.degustabox.com/en?referal=9&ref=519b4d1dd24d3201397834

*this has been bought with my own pennies.*

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