2 May 2014

Lootcrate April 2014

Well, after waiting for my british superloot box to come and realising that it won't turn upin April I have decided too start reviewing my nerdy/geeky boxes that I have received in April and have decided to review my loot crate first.

This is my second of my three months subscription and it has the theme of Dragons. I know from an email I received today that next month has a theme of Adventure and I am excited as it has another Tshirt for Paul in it.
Anyway, back to April.

This box definitely looked interesting as there are two figures then quite a few smaller items that look nice too.
So, what is in there?

First item in this box is the elder scrolls item and it is a figurine and I gave it to Paul as he plays the game and played it for part of the beta and really loves it.

The figurine is the Nord and is a lootcrate exclusive. It is made by Symiote Studios.

The next item is the Game of Thrones Mystery Mini made by Funko. I really love my Funko Big Bang Theory figures and this figure is equally well made.

I received this little dude and as I don't know anything about Game of Thrones my main thought is that he looks like my son in terms of his face and hair colour and cut. Odd, but true.

Next are these Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner that I really like are adorning my tablet and that of my husband.

Next is the monthly badge that features a beautiful dragon.

The next is the first of two dice in this box and this is a giant twenty sided dice that is also a stress ball.

The second dice is a 20 sided polyhedral dice that Edward seems to like and has stolen.

The next item is a Dragon Slayer Tag that is really well made and a really funky necklace to wear. I really like this item.

The final item in my Lootcrate in April was Dragon Jerky and to be honest it was rather disgusting and it got binned. Much preferred my taffy last month.

So, that was my Loot crate for April. It was okay and everything will be used except the jerky and I look forward to the adventure box this month.


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