5 May 2014

Nerdblock jr girls April 2014

Okay, this is my review for my April nerd block jr girls. This was my third nerd block to arrive last month and was quite a few days behind the other two, although this review is even further behind as I had campnanowrimo in April and I am only just catching up now.

This box was rather full and seemed to have more in it than the boys but I have admit I preferred the boys box in April. But what did it have in it?

The first item in the box and the largest is my smurf. According to the leaflet on him he is called grouchy and he certainly is by the look on his face. 
I really like these cuddlies though and would quite like one like a Pokemon in the boys box as Edward would love as many as possible, and if he didn't want one I would adopt it.

I am a child of the eighties and was the right age the first time My Little Ponys was around so I was excited to see these as they looked great and would look great on my figurine shelf but I was quickly disappointed as Edward swiped them.
He really loves them though and according to him one pony is his daddy's pony, one is mine and one is his. I get the pink one thankful as I don't think his dad would prefer pink and seemed relieved he got the grey one.
These have been well played with and are as off now in his shopping trolley with cars and trucks. 

The next item can go in our ever growing stash of Playmobil. We love Playmobil in this house and I have to admit anything that adds to it is great. 
We actually have some at nana and grandads house too although most of it is older than I am as Paul is a good decade older than I am and played with it as a child.
Anyway, back to the box.

We received this female spy in our pack complete with baton and gun. Scary lady.

Next was another pony although I don't know this brand but was curious about what was in bag.

To be honest I wasn't really excited by finding this in the bag and Edward didn't really want this pony either as she/he is scary looking and not great quality in general.

The final item in this box is a sign that will look great on my bedroom door and isn't as girly as some of the other possible ones I have seen people receive. I really think it is apt to a mother of a toddler though, well it is to this mother of a toddler.

Well, that was my April nerd block jr girls and although I think it was worth the 15 ish pound I pay including postage I much prefered the boys box and adult box this month and the boys box last month.
Roll on the May box though and then I will decide whether to keep or cancel the jr boxes as I am definitely keeping the adult ones as Paul loves the t shirts.

More info on nerdblock can be found here.


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