5 May 2014

Nerdblock jr boys April 2014

This is the second nerd block I received last month as all three seemed to ship completely separately and were days apart on arrival but this is my nerd block jr boys.
This was probably my favourite jr block last month.

It was nice and full in my the box and that always pleases me. So, what did I receive?

First thing I received was a fetching plush moustache that is too big for Edward so I kept it myself. I really like it though.

As you can see it is really fetching on too, great for days I want a full moustache. Edward thought it was really funny when I had it on and as I am not amazingly serious in general unless I have to be this is perfect for me.

The next item in my box is a mystery bag that was the same one as in my adult nerd block. It has a avenger figurine, skateboard or flyer in it.

I received another flyer and although the first was Thor this is Black Widow (I think).

Next item in this box was a mashem from teenage mutant ninja turtles. It has been a long time since I have watch tmnt as Edward is too young at the moment, although I watched quite a few episodes as a child because the series started when I was a big fan of morning TV in the uk.

Sorry I don't know this characters name but I do know he had a slight leak when I squashed him which got rid of the point of him really so now he is sitting on my figurine shelf with my ninja rabbid and my bravest warrior bendy guy.

Next item in my box was a car and I received a hot wheels ford Vicky which Edward quickly stole as Edward loves two toys best and those are cars and Lego so this was a big hit.

The next item I received has gone in my present stash as Edward is too young for these and they are a set of four Star Wars the clone wars pen toppers. I received set two which has three toppers than are seen and a mystery one. 
Will be great for an older child to receive and made when Edward is older as at the moment he is only two.

The final item in my box also went into my present cubby and it a shadow morphlite sonic the hedgehog figure. I quite like him and may well give him in Edward's Christmas or birthday presents.

So, there is my nerd block jr boys and I think that you get a lot for what is about thirteen pounds once converted from American dollars. I much preferred the girls box last month but this month my favourite was the boys. Roll on May boxes and I will decide then whether to keep either, neither or both of the jr boxes.

More info on nerdblock can be found here.


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