5 May 2014

Nerd block April 2014

Okay, another apology for my tardiness on doing my April boxes but I am hopefully going to catch up today and get up to date before my May boxes continue to arrive. So, on this bank holiday Monday I am going to get up to date.
Anyway, back to the review and this is my Nerdblock for April.
So, what did I get?

The first item was my spider bites t shirt that my hubby has been wearing and really loves. I love the quality of the t shirts from nerdblock as they are always great quality, mainly because nerd block also owns shirt punch, although we did look into buying their shirts and didn't as the postage was rather high.

Next we received these Hasbro Kre-o transformers and I gave these to my Lego obsessed hubby to play with them with our son.
However, they didn't really ever get to Edward as Paul says they weren't as stable as Lego men so I don't think I would go out of my way to buy them. This is especially true as Lego has so many different types nowadays, such as Lotr, marvel and star wars. 

The next in received was a mystery pack for the avengers and in these packs you could either get a flyer, a skateboard or a tiny figure.

I received a Thor flyer and I quite like this and have hidden in to use when Edward isn't around as I think Edward getting hold of this would be a very bad idea.
Although, I have to admit when I see this actor I think Kim Hyde from home and away not Thor but that's just me.

The next item in my box is probably my favourite and it is from ubisoft, a follow on from last months inclusion of the assassins creed figure and it is a figure of a ninja rabid and I love it.
I have the game on the wii and love it so really happy to get this well made and funky figure.

The next in my box is Jason from the Friday the 13th films and although I have never seen these films I still really like this figure and it is on the wires for Paul's computer and although I intended it to be a surprise when I put it on there I got rumbled and the surprise was over. But hubby liked him.
This is the second of three figurines this month and that is fine with me as I really liked all three figurines.

The final figurine and item in my nerd block for April was a figure of Chris Kirkman from the Bravest Warrior animation and I really like this figure with bendable arms and legs.
My hubby really liked this animation after searching it out on YouTube after seeing the figure so it really is a win all round.
He has gone to live with Sheldon and Amy on my figurine shelf now and it is great to bend him into up achievable shapes when I get stressed.

Anyway, there is my nerd block adult box for April. Sorry for the delay and I will try to keep up this month.

More info on nerd block can be found here.


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  1. Aww haha that Jason figurine is too cute! XD
    Thanks for the review~ Sorry for the post-midnight comment. Imma be an owl tonight!