28 August 2014

Wantable makeup box august 2014

I have signed up for wantable again to see if the service will please me more this time. 
I had a bit of a nightmare last time as they insisted a brown bronzer was a blusher and a brown lipstick was a coral. 
It wasn't and I cancelled back then but after cancelling some other boxes I decided to try this out again.

So this is my August box and I have ordered a September box to see what it is like now. 
I have quite a lot of restrictions in this box and thankfully their customisation of boxes through a survey pleases me as I won't be receiving items I can't use from them such as eyeliners and bronzers thanks to ther survey where you can tell them you dislike something so you won't receive it.
But anyway, back to my box and what I received in my first box back with them.

The first item in the box this month pleased me greatly this month as I received a Marsk eyeshadow in my Lovemebeauty box this month and fell in love with the beautiful colour and high pigmentation.
So when I received their Mineral blush in Watermelon I was very happy as it is a vivid purple red colour and glide on easily with a little going a long way.
Also it is £20.49 on the Marsk website so almost pays for the box on it's own and is 100% natural and not tested on animals. 
Retail price on the card is $42.

The next item in the box was the first of three Vincent Longo items that I received in this box and this is their PearlX Eyeshadow in the colour Etherea. It has multiple shades in it and when mixed together it is a beautiful nude. 
Swatches are below.
This has a retail of $25 on the card.

Next is the item that caused some confusion for me as it is called the Vincent Longo La Riviera Sun Bronzer. I even complained but on trying it on my skin it is more like a highlighter as it is very light with a shimmer. 
With a light dusting it will be great to give a nice colour to my face and make me look more wide awake.
This has a retail price of $32 on the card.

The fina item in the box is a Vincent Longo velvet riche lipstick in carnelian whisper. 
This is a creamy long lasting lipstick in a vivid red colour. It is high pigmented and should last well on the lips as it was a nightmare to remoe from my hand when I swatched it.
This has a retail of $23 on the card.

Here are the swatches for all but the bronzer/highlighter. On the left is the lipstick, in the middle is the eyeshadow and on the right is the blusher. All are great colours and quality and I look forward to using it.

That was my first box back with them and I really like it. 
It cost about £30 including taxes and shipping for the box and it was well worth it especially as I would probably buy the blusher that retails at just over £20 in the Uk so this was great value for thirty pounds.
Can't wait for September box.


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