9 August 2014

Memebox special #18 smile care


 My smile care box came on Thursday from Korea and this was a box I was really looking forward to.
I knew it would be lip and teeth care and really looked forward to using products such as propolis toothpaste or charcoal toothpaste as well as some wierd and wonderful products.
But to be honest this is a very western and tame box so if I want OMG products I will have to wait for my OMG box to arrive.
Although one product gave me a surprise and I have emailed them about that.

The first item in my box was part of the lip care set in the box. This is the MDaida Vita Suger Lip Scrub in Grapefruit.
This is a sugar scrub in a large 20ml size that is quite abrasive on the lips and leaves the lips soft and supple after use. This tastes revolting though so anyone who likes to lick off lip scrub like you would to the lush ones, don't.
According to the leaflet this is worth $15, but that seems a little steep even if it does leave my skins soft.

The next in the box is the other half of the lip care set and it is the Butter Cream Lip Mask in Vanilla and cacao. 
This has scrubby particles and smells strongly of Vanilla. 
This also haves some abrasive particles and according to the card it says that it has vanilla, cacao and shea butter and should be put on your lips for 2 to 3 minutes and then wiped off with a tissue, leaving behind soft and moist lips. 
According to the card this is also worth $15.

The next item in the box is by Perioe and it is the 46cm spray. This is a breath freshening spray and looks interesting. I am yet to use it but it is in an interesting product to receive.
According to the card this is worth $4.

The next item I probably won't use as I have problems with my teeth and I don't think adding hydrogen peroxide will help them. This is 7 day whitening program called the Luminee-S 7 Days Teeth Whitening Program by Yufit that has dental strips in it to stick to your teeth. It looks interesting and at $24 is the item worth the most in the box.

The final item in the box is the item that gave me a surprise as on opening it looked like this. I have emailed Memebox and await their reply but it sort of puts off using it.
This is the L'Ocean Shea Butter Lip balm and I received the Cherry one. According to the card it has shea butter and mango butter in so this will both colour and soften your lips. 
The card says this is worth $9.

So, that was Smile Care box. It cost $19 plus p and p and to be honest I am not sure if it is worth the price for me but it is an interesting box if I ignore the lipbalm.


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