23 August 2014

Nerdblock jr girls august 2014

Okay, so after managing to find my computer files after a windows update (don't ask, I thought I had lost all my files) I am back with reviews and first I am going to do the two nerdblock juniors from this month.
Sadly these were very similar this month with only two items different this month, thankly I got different variations so it isn't too bad but I have to admit they are a both meh and I will show you why.

The first item this month is a skylanders flinger. This is a soft pencil topper and although cute he doesn't really interest me but Edward will have fun throwing him around.

The next two items were from mystery packs and are danglers. 
On the left is a Super Mario one and on the left is a Star Wars Angry Birds R2D2. These are nice enough but it is a rather difficult to get excited about these danglers as they are just going to end up on my handbag.

The next item is a copy of Owl magazine that Iwill either give to my older neice or even keep until Edward is old enough for it. This is a bit of a filler item for me like the last three items.
These four items were the same but the last two are different.

The next item in the box is by Hasbro and is the Littlest pet shop Pepper Clark Magic Motion set.
This is a sweet little toy and I will give it to my younger neice as I think she would like it more than Edward.

The final item is this Mega Bloks Barbie Set.
This has already been unwrapped and assembled. Edward loves his lego and this is right up his street especially as he loves the cutesy rabbits. A nice addition to the box and a good addition in a meh box.

That was my returning to Nerdblock jr girls box and to be honest it isn't amazing. I will buy Septemebers and see what it is like but if it is worse or of similar quality I might cancel.



  1. WOW!! The Little Pet Shop toy is at our local Dollarama for 3$.... I cancelled my Nerdblock JR Girls because its all stuff that gets tossed to dollar stores.

  2. After deliberation have cancelled so I can get more memeboxes