13 August 2014

Empties (misc)

 This is the post with items that don't fit bath products, masks, hair care or skin care. I am missing stuff hair as I think I binned some teeth stuff.

Fresh therapies nourishing natural nail polish remover wipes. 
I got these in a lovelula box and had to get more. These are gentle but extremely effective wipes with a beautiful scent and I love them. They have no toxins and are safe for all and vegan
Great wipes

Nivea sun kids moisturising sun spray 50+ very high.
Tis the season for sun cream in this house. The uk has been going through a heatwave on and off for this summer and we have used lots of sun cream, although this was the first finished.
It has a blue tint with my only issue being that it is heavy and a bit sticky on application and takes ages to soak in.

Asda protect mouthwash extreme fresh. 
This is a bog standard fresh mouthwash that was cheap to buy. Nothing special.

Aquafresh little teeth. 
One of little ones toothpastes and the one he prefered. He dislikes a few and dislikes having his teeth brushed but has to be done.

Another two mouthwashes that were on sale at Asda so I bought them while cheap. These are the Colgate plax and the Asda protect mouthwash cool mint and both are fine for the job but nothing special.

Maybelline the colossal volum' express mascara. 
This is a nice mascara that gave length and volume and is thrown away as I have a lot to use. I got this in a beauty box and with so many to use I am unlikely to ever need to buy one. 

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