13 August 2014

Empties (bath and shower stuff)

I don't own a working shower so all of these items are what we used in the bath since I did my last empties. By the way we used a lot.

Sanctuary spa luxury bath float. 
I got this reduced at boots and it has a pleasing spa scent and I really liked using it but I wouldn't rush out to buy it as it was quite expensive.

Yves Rocher collection cacao & orange perfumed shower gel.
This is a limited edition product they bought out this Christmas and I loved it and hate that I can't get it again. 
I also loved the hand creams from the same collection and I love that these are so chocolatey and these smell like chocolate orange. The pistachio ones are also amazing.

Super beauty vanilla & honey bath & shower gel.
This was cheap at boots and I also had a coupon so it was super cheap. It has a lovely scent in the bottle but the scent doesn't transfer to bath so I wouldn't buy again. 

Molten brown pink pepperpod body wash 300ml. 
A family favourite. A spicy peppery scent and a repurchase and I will buy another soon. I love love love this and would recommend.

Skin food bath salt (honey & jasmine). 
These smelled amazing in the packet and scented my herbal both nicely but in bath the scent does not linger and there a lot of other things that I would recommend over these. Not great but not the end of the world as was in a box.

Soap and Glory Sugar crush fresh & foamy body wash.
I mainly use this as a body wash on me and my son in the bath using a shower scrunchie thing as well as using this as a bubble bath. I received this in the box thing that was bought out by Boots last year in November and I love the sweet lime scent that is girly but refreshing.
I have bought another as well as all their other body wash/shower/bath products last month as they were on three for two and I hope I love them as much as I love this.
An amazing product!

Pecksniff's calm bath and shower gel. 
This has a strange spicy scent and I loved this. It was received in a telegraph beauty box with a body cream that was the same scent and that I am still using. 
It is masculine enough to suit Paul but I love the scent too.
I might well buy again.

Johnson's baby bedtime bath.
This is a nice soothing bath product for Edward. I like these and tend to buy them when on offer in Asda. They are really nice but to be honest Edward gets a wide variety of things put in his bath.

Monu spa warming ginger massage and body oil.
I used this as a bath oil and the ginger scent was great as it stuck to the skin and was an amazingly warming and comforting scent. I am in love and I know some people dislike so much Monu in glossyboxes but if they are all as good as this I will be smiling from ear to ear.

Helloeverybody bubble bath steam milk.
A thoroughly disappointing bath product from the milk memebox. The scent disappeared in the bath and it hardly bubbles.

Aromatherapy associates relax light bath and shower oil.
I love these oils and this is one that threatens to make me fall asleep in the bath. I love receiving these in my boxes.

So, there are my bath and shower empties and on to my final ones, skincare. Sorry there are loads but been putting it off. 



  1. Your experience with the Steam Milk bubble bath is totally different from mine. No, it didn't bubble but it was extremely softening for my skin & I loved the scent.

    1. It just smelled really muted to m and seemed a little pointless. I think if the scent was stronger it would be a lot better