23 August 2014

Memebox special #25 traveller's beauty kit

My travellers kit was in a bundle and it arrived on monday with my superfood box.

I was looking forward to this one but it was the first one of two boxes this week that gave me a surprise as they had a leaky product. 
I have to admit that this wasn't my favourite box but I have had worse and I can use all but one item in this box so at least it is useful.

The first item in the box is useful to me as I often use cleansing wipes after a long day and like to have them in my stash. 
These are the No-Wash toner sheets from T.P.O and are a nice wipe to compare to my Korres wipes and my Boots No. 7 wipes.
According to the card this pack of wipes are priced at $7 and to be honest that price is comparable to a lot of the wipes in this country.

The next item is probably the smallest item I have ever received in a memebox and when I say tiny I mean tiny. 
But it is a serum so in general these are quite expensive so even in a small size these can be worth a lot.
This is the Easydew EX Active Soothing Serum in a 5ml and according to the description this is a serum which is made of natural Swiss glacier water and a monk's berry compex and together these ingredients will cool and refresh your skin and soothe and repair damaged skin.
According to the card and a calculator this sample is worth £13.83.

The next item is another black eyeliner as I received the ideeB idee B Sweet Jelish Eyeliner 3g in 02 Ultra Fine Pearl Black.
I can't use eyeliner as I can see nothing without my glasses so this is rather useless to me although from trying them out on my hands I much prefer the gel type eyeliner like this one as they are softer on skin and give a better line.
According to the card this is worth $11.

The next item in the box is the Amini Amini Traveller Kit and this contained a 30ml bottle of Moisturising Body Cleanser and a 30ml of Moisturising Body Emulsion. 
Sadly my cleanser leaked slightly but these look quite interesting and would be good for a weekend away.
According to the leaflet the cleanser will gently cleanse your body then the emulsion will moisturise your skin so it is a good combinaion and great for a traveller's kit as you don't really want to carry around huge bottles when you travel.
According to the card this is worth $10 for the two but it seems quite expensive to me.

The next item in the box annoyed a lot of people as they dislike orange lipstick but as I love Orange these are right up my street.
These are the S & B Aqua Tints in orange and are a combination of a lip tint and cotton swab as the product is contained in a cotton swab and when you twist one end the swab gets soaked in the product and the you use it to apply the stain.
These look really interesting and you get lots of applications in this pack.
This is full sized and worth $4.

The next item also upset people as it is a scented hand gel and for me this is great as you don't get many scented ones in this country.
This is the Pure Smile Hand Gel in Maldives Dancing Waters and I really like the clean fresh scent and that it doesn't dry out my skin.
This is in a 30ml size and is worth $2.

The next item in the box is by Pure Smile and these are the Powder in refresh sheets. 
These are deodorant sheets and I also received these in an early box and the seem like a good thing to use on a sweaty day.
These are worth $1.

The next item in the box are these foil samples from NoTS. 
These are sachets of their UV Protection Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ and they equal 26g for all the samples.
I quite like these but they would only be used on my face as they are only small samples and would only to use one at a time but they are good as they are easy to transport.
According the card these are worth $19.31.

The final item in the box is a memebox branded bag that is okay but looks a bit cheap compared to the birchbox one I received this month.

This is an okay box and I like the small samples of products that I would use but it isn't too wow. Ironically though I was expecting Superfood to be okay and this to be wow but they switched and in the end I got my money's worth.


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