2 August 2014

Horror block July 2014

Sometimes I get a box that makes me squeal like a fan girl.
This one.
This is my July Horrorblock and I am in love.

But what was in it?

The first item in my box this month is the horrorblock t shirt. According to my youtube video comments this lost boys themed and this is an item that Paul, my husband receives as he always needs t shirts so this is his.

The next item is the item that made me fall in love as I love Funko Pop Figures and this one has a beautiful base and was in fact so cute the little one has stolen him and he is not living in Peppa Pig's house.
This is a Sharknado Pop Figure and I love him.

The next item is another one that I fell in love with and this one I actually managed to keep and this is a zumbie.
I love her crazy hair and her button eyes wrap.
She has gone to live with my big bang theory

The next item was a Nightmare before Christmas blind pack and I got this big guy. I really like him, although his arm keeps falling off.

Okay, so the next item is an Alien Pin Pack and these are great and depict the life cycle of an alien. An interesting item.

The final item in the box this month is another copy of Rue Morgue, which is a magazine that specialises on Horror. This one focuses on the Crow.

So, there is my Horror Block that rocked due to the sharknado pop vinyl as well as the zumbie. I can't wait for next month and whereas the loot crate seem to go from bad to worse the horrorblock and nerdblock go from strength to strength.


More info on horror block can be found here and it costs around eighteen/nineteen uk pounds after currency conversion.

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