7 August 2014

Memebox global #13

My Memebox global number thirteen arrived late last month and was second to last of my July boxes.
The global boxes are the closest thing to a monthly box that Memebox do as they come out on the 24th of the month every month and so far this is upto January.
In my opinion these and the luckyboxes are probably the best place for new members of Memebox start if you have no issues or preferences and were where I started as at the time these were the only boxes sold by Memebox.

But back to the box that was shipped on the 24th July. This is my global #13.

The first item in the box is by 23years old and is the CX detoxifying Air Therapy.
This is a mask system that consists of a syringe and a paper/cloth mask.
According to the card this contains carbonated water that will make the product penetrate deeply into the skin and the product will make the skin brighter and firmer.
The price on the card for this product is $50 and I think that is high for a product that looks like it is single use.
But it will be interesting to use.

The next item in the box is probably my favourite in the box as it is full sized and a moisturiser and I love trying out new moisturisers.
This is by Yufit and is the Eon Wheat Germ Cream in a 75ml size. I love moisturisers so this is a nice addition and according to the leaflet 75% of this cream is made of organic wheat bud extract and it is gentle for even sensitive skin and will hydrate, brighten and firm the skin. It also has anti aging properties and will be great to use.
The price on the card for this item is $48.

The next item in the box is by CNP and is a 25g sample of their CNP Derma scalp shampoo. This is a shampoo that deep cleanse your scalp according to the card, and also will cool and refresh it as it has tea tree in it.
An interesting shampoo to sample, although I will only get one use from it probably as my hair is down to my waist.
According to the card this is worth $2.70.

The next item in the box is another sample size product and this is a 15ml sample of the CNP Tone-Up Protection sun. This is a sun block for your face, neck, arms and legs and it has a SPF of 42/PA+++. It will be great this time of the year and it has a light texture that will not clog up the skin.
This has a value of $5.10.

The next item shocked me as I never expectedto have tampons in my box and as I don't use them they are a bit of a wasted item. 
But they were three tampons from Donga and were the Tempo Eco Natural Super tampons. Not really interested and to be honest these don't belong in a beauty box.

The next item is more to my liking and it is a full sized product. This is the Nuganic Customised Sun Base Color Control Cream and you either received this or a snail cc cream.
This has a high spf and is a nice product to receive. On sampling I found it was quite pale and that is good for me as it has a lighter texture too which makes it a great alternative to foundation this summer.
According to the card this is worth $54.

The final item in the box is by Soy BIO+ and it is two 5ml lumpoules of Soy Bio Plus Fermented. The lumpoules, 'a combination of lump and ampoule', are main from Korean fermented soy bean lump and according to the card this will help prevent fine lines and wrinkles and brighten up the skin.
Will be good to try and as most ampoules last a while these two 5ml samples are ample to try out the product.
According to the card these are worth $24.86 for the two.

So, there is my global 13 box. 
This is an interesting that has a good variety of products and I will use it all except the tampons.
My personal favourites are the Yufit cream and the lumpoules but as I love skincare in general the memeboxes are always a success.


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