18 August 2014

Love me beauty august 2014

The august edition of the love me beauty came this week and although I wasn't too enthusiastic when seeing the menu or when I received it I realised that I actually quite like it. I will use all but one product and that is a great thing as sometimes products may be more in number but less in use.

The first item in the box is by marsk and it is a all natural mineral eye shadow in the shade 'you're toast'. 
This is a lovely loose powder in a great neutral golden brown shade and is highly pigmented and would be great for a daytime look when you want a splash of colour. 
This also is worth more the box with a rrp of £14.49.

The next item item in the box is by a la carte and it is their smudge proof eyebrow definer in blonde. I will keep this sealed as I won't be using it as it is blonde and secondly I am not a huge brows person so will probably be in a giveaway in the future or given away as a gift.
But it looks expensive from the packaging and would be great for someone not as dark haired as I am. It has a rrp of £23.

The next item in the box will be another well used item in the box and is a Mirabella lip lustre liner in bashful. It has a soft formula and it is a very useful colour as it isn't too light or dark so will be a great partner to a lot of mid tone pinks and some reds.
This has a rrp of £10.50.

The final item in the box is the only none make up item in the box and it is the Oriflame ecollagen wrinkle correcting eye cream. According to the card this is enriched with plant stem cell extract to help stimulate collagen production and re plump wrinkles from within.
As I love all things in beauty that contain stem cells I look forward to using it.
This has a rrp of £16.95.

Here are the swatches of the lip liner and eyeshadow. Both are highly pigmented and I look forward to using these beautiful products.

There is this months love me beauty box and I really like this box despite it being mostly make up as both shades are great in the eyeshadow and lip liner.
I just hope they stay this good and keep using high end and not drugstore/high street.


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