22 August 2014

Nerdblock classic august 2014

My Nerdblocks arrived this week and this is my Nerdblock Classic box for August 2014. It is an interesting box and the best of the nerdblocks so far, although I am still waiting for the Nerd Horror that ships later than the other three.

The first item in my Nerdblock Classic this month is a Pokemon T shirt. 
It is a nice T shirt and Paul will like wearing it and although I like it he always has the T shirts so I lose interest in them quickly.

The next item in the box is a couple of Doctor Who magazines. One has David Tennant on the front and the other has Matt Smith on the front.
I assume these of are in the boxes as we get a new doctor in the Uk tomorrow so is good timing to receive these.
To be honest I lost interest in doctor who a while ago as it was hard to fit anything in around Edward's feeds but I might watch it tomorrow as it is a new doctor.

The next items in the box were from a Garbage Pail mystery pack. 
I received these two tiny figures that are nice enugh but don't really excite me too much.

The next item in the box this month is by Funko and is a Batman PX Previews exclusive. 
He has glow in the dark eyes and at the moment is Edward's toy. I love this product though and I just wish they weren't stole by my little one so often.
My favourite item in this box.

The final item in the box is a bravest warrior key chain.
I assume that this catbug and will be a cute addition to the keyrings on my bag.

There is my August box and although I like it I am not that excited. The Funko is nice though and I love them so I hope there are more in future boxes.


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