23 August 2014

Nerdblock jr boys august 2014

As I said in the Nerdblock girls review this was a little meh this month and had lots of the same items but I will still review to show you the differences.

The first two items this month were two danglers, although I got two different ones than last time. These will go on my handbag and the one on the left is Star wars Angry birds and on the right is a Super Mario one.

The next item was different and this is a torch that will show pictures as they have filter that you place over the light. Edward will enjoy this once it gets darker earlier in the Autumn/Winter as at the moment he is in bed before it gets dark.

Next are two Ben10 figurines. I received Feedback and Shocksquatch and these are nice little figurines that Edward will enjoy playing with.

Next was another copy of the same Owl magazine.

Finally there was another Skylanders flinger. I got a different one and to be honest this is the duplicate that I most like as they will be used by Edward as they are cute and soft and can be thrown... what else could a little boy need?

As I said earlier these haven't thrilled me but I will buy September's box to see if they are any better. If not, I will probably cancel.


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