26 August 2014

Lootcrate august 2014

I cancelled Lootcrate last month as the boxes haven't been great but it is just my luck that the last box is probably the best I have received and is of an equal standard to my Nerdblock this month.
I am very happy with it.

The first item in the box this month was a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle figurine and I received Leonardo. This is a nice quality figurine and he is on my shelf at the moment. Made by kidrobot.

The next item it is a funko pop exclusive. Btw I love love love funko figures.
This is Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and he is ever so cute. Edward decided this was his toy though so I have to hide him if I want to kep him.
He has a glow in the dark arm too. Strange addition but he is great.

The next item in the box are a pair of TMNT eye mask sunglasses. Another item edward, my two year old, loves and it is a really nice item, even if they are a little large for him. These are made by H2W.

The next item in the box was a magnet. Not really interesting.

The next item didn't look interestig either but my hubby got a free game worth about a tenner from this item. It was three codes for free game item, one is for a Doctor Who game, one is a free copy of Defense Grid: the awakening and the other is for an exclusive item in Wyrm Slayer. I will probably use the Dr Who game one too.
It saves money but encourages Paul's gaming hobby.

I also receive a sonic the hedgehog air freshener that hubby can use in his car. This is made by Epic Scents and is in Sonic Breeze.

Another great item are these Schwings Lightning Bolts. Great for jazzing up some cheaper sneakers or on your favourite skechers.

The final item is the lootcrate badge.

In a way I am going to miss this box if this box is a sign of boxes to come. 
But in general I have been disappointed with this box and the nerdblocks have always been better and that is why I cancelled.
A good box this month though.


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