13 August 2014

Empties (mask edition)

There are only six masks and I could have put these in with skincare but when you see skincare you may understand why I haven't.

Tosowoong pure snail mask. 
This was an interesting one as I can remember that it tightened my skin and was my first ever snail product. 
I received these in my tosowoong bundle and have a lot left to use.

Dewytree ginseng nutritious black sheet mask. 
I remember this being very wet and being a black mask. Other than that it didn't jump out at me.

Pure smile chocolate milk essence milk. 
I received this in my cacao box and was the last mask I used. This did not smell of cacao which sucked and was a 'so what' product for me. I would not buy this but I liked the other pure smile mask.

Leaders bio Medi curing mask aqua dressing. 
This was another really wet really nourishing mask. It added moisture and I loved it on my dry skin. Not the most beautiful packaging but an amazing product.

Purederm rice bran collagen mask. Looking from the outside and from the name I thought it would be scrubby but it wasn't. An okay mask and gave moisture but wasn't a buy it now item.

Pure smile milk essence mask. Unlike the chocolate one I fell in love with this milk scented mask that made my skin soft due to the milk solids. A lovely mask and my second favourite after the leaders.

There are my mask empties and I love these face masks as they are easy to use and not messy like clay masks. I also get a lot from memebox so loads to try.


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