9 August 2014

Love me beauty July

So, this is my last box of the month. I cancelled Love me beauty because they had gone from high end to high street and to be honest when I saw their July box it was better and I wanted the products but I was waiting for a good deal but when they offered me three boxes for £27 I thought why not. 
So this is the first of my three boxes and at the end of these I will assess again.

But this is my first box of the three and I have ordered my August box which is a little meh with mostly makeup and mostly eye makeup. 
But back to my July box.

The first item in the box this month is by So Susan and it is their Dual Brow Powder. I don't own any brow products but this product is interesting as it has a brown and a black shade of powder and the powder offers medium coverage. 
It is infused with Aloe Extract and Carrot Seed oil to nourish your eye area too.
This has a rrp of £11.95. 

The next item is by Ofra and it is their Pressed Eye shadow in 'Gold rush'. This a creamy gold eyeshadow with shimmer in it. It applies well and has a small mirror under the eyeshadow for easier application. As long as you didn't dislike shimmer it would a great fairly neutral shade for a lot of people.
I really like this product and if I saw these on sale I may well buy more as they are good quality for the price.
These have a rrp of £8.80.

The next item was one that I was curious about as soon as I saw it. 
This is the Lashem Lash enhancing serum.I have only tried this once or twice so I cannot say that it is amazing or that I don't like it. I know that there are a few of these serums around but I like that with this box I can try this out.
This is a 2ml sample and it is worth £22.86.

The next item in the box is by So Susan Flutter mascara. I haven't tried this mascara out yet as I have a glut of mascaras so this one will go in my stash for now. 
This is full sized and worth £14.95

The next item is the Ofra Eyeliner in Black. I will probably put this in my giveaway stash as I will probably not use it. 
This is full sized and worth £7.60

The final item is a non beauty item and it is 20 bags of Skinny Tea from The Teashed. 
This tea has a base of green tea, which I enjoy, and I really like that we received 20 bags because often in these boxes you receive one or two bags and these usually go into the kitchen, never to be seen before.
These bags are worth £3.50.

There is my last beauty box of the month and it is okay and at only £9 it was a good deal.
I have ordered this months and it is okay but make up centric again. I am not sure if I'll order again after my September but I go from month to month with this box.


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