13 August 2014

Empties (hair care edition)

With only five items in this blog post it looks like I never wash my hair. I do but I buy in bulk so it takes ages to finish as they are big bottles.

John Frieda frizz ease smooth start shampoo. 
I really loved this product and have repurchased and have one of these in my stash. This along with the other product in my empties from this brand really helped tame my frizz. 
A must have to try if you have frizzy hair like me.

Goldwell kerasilk ultra rich keratin care. 
This was a 50ml sample that gave me clean nice hair. This was used for two washes and I liked it but I wouldn't rush out to buy it with so much shampoo to use up.

Alberto balsam coconut and lychee shampoo. This is my husbands shampoo. He tends to use what I am not using and at only a £1 for 400ml at Asda it is a good basic shampoo.

Halo n horns berry burst shampoo and detangler. 
This is one of the shampoos my baby boy used this month. It has a thick sticky texture and it doesn't really lather up and is a nightmare to get out of his longer length hair. 
But I got it cheap in bulk so I will use it up but I prefer other brands.

John Frieda frizz ease miraculous recovery creme serum.
I used this with damp hair after washing and it really helped my frizzy hair and a little went a long way in my thick hair.
I have bought another and it is in my stash as I loved it so much.

There are my hair empties.

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