2 August 2014

Degustabox July 2014

Okay we'll go from a box that makes me go yay to a box that sucks this month
I have to admit that some of the reason it sucks is because my first box was destroyed and I stayed in three days to receive it which sucked. 
But to be honest if the box was amazing I could forgive but sadly it isn't amazing either.
But, what was in it?

The first item in my box this month is by Green & Black's and this one is dark chocolate with lemon. It was nice and I like dark chocolate but I don't think I would buy this again.
According to the card this is worth £2.29.

The next items in my box this month are SIX sachets of sauce mixes from Maggi.
It seems as if Degustabox got these in bulk and to be honest these make up a lot of the items in the box.
I will use these but they are very much a filler item in a box with only six types of item. 
According to the leaflet these are worth £5.44 for the 6 but I have a lot of these so unlikely to buy them.

The next item in the box were three packets of Kracklecorn from Portlebay. I like popcorn and love that as well as receiving the original kracklecorn as well as Crispy Bacon & Maple Syrup and Chilli and Lime variety.
I have tried the bacon ones and really liked it.
According to the card the rrp on these are 79p each.

The next item in the box is probably my favourite as I love these Hornsby ciders as they are really smooth and easy to drink. These ones are new and are Crisp Apple Cider with Blueberry.
A great item and these are 4 for £4 at Asda at the moment so are worth about £2.

The next items in the box are these Zeo Drinks. I have tried two of these and don't really like these as the calories are low, which is good, but I dislike the taste. I wouldn't buy these as I don't like them. I received peach and grapefruit burst, cirtrus crush and lime Zest.
These are worth £1.29 each and to be honest they aren't amazing and I would rather have the cider.

The final item of my six items this month are two edible decorations by Dr. Oetker. These are two jars of cake decorations and I received eton mess and violet crystals. These look nice and would be great on cupcakes.
According to the leaflet these are worth £1.99 for Eton Mess and £1.29 for violet crystals.

So, there is my box and despite them saying 9 to 14 items there might be 14 items but only six varieties and that is the issue for me. 
I would cancel but I paid in advance and have boxes paid until Novemeber so I will reassess then.
Hopefully this months is a blip and the items improve and my first box isn't ruined next month.


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