22 August 2014

Glossybox uk august 2014

I received my Glossybox this week and to be honest I was looking forward to it as it is their third birthday box and there were six items but to be honest all that hype has led to a disappointing box. 
It isn't really bad but my other boxes have beat it hands down this month.

 The first item in my box this month was my favorite in this box and it is a glossybox exclusive by Kryolan. This is a Highlighter in the shade cashmere and it is light and creamy with a slight shimmer that is really beautiful and won't leave you looking like a glitterball in the sun.
according to the card this is worth £12.95.

The next item in my box is by one of my favourite brands, Yves Rocher, but it is only a tiny pink nail polish and although they say it is a birthday bonus it is hardly generous as it is only 3ml and worth £3.60.

The next item in the box is another mini item and an item where the full sized is only £6.95 so they could have added the full sized at 80ml instead of only this 20ml sample. 
This is the Roseberry Hand Cream by Figs & Rouge.
But thankfully at least it smells nice as it floral but fruity and is good for a handbag or in the car.
This is is worth £1.49.

The next item is a unique product in that it is the only product that I have ever washed off my hair in twenty seconds flat. This is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer.
I had a sample of this a while ago and put it on my hair and washed it off straight away du to the smell. 
So, I am not sure if it was a spoiled product but to be honest I wouldn't even try it again so this is a useless product to me.
This is a 40ml sample and is worth £6.08 but I would much rather use lots of other treatments above this.

The next item in the box is the other full sized item and it is a 7ml bottle of the PEP Cosmeceuticals SkinPep Super C15 Serum.
I love serums but tend to prefer the stem cell ones and Korean ones so this will go in my stash for the moment and I will use it in the future.
According to the card this is worth £13.99.

The final item in the box is a perfume sample *sigh*. I hate these as a 'product' as most you can get free from perfume counters including this one that says it is 'not for sale' on the back of the packaging.
But this one is L'Amour by Lalique and to me it is a floral scent with nothing remarkable about it for me and it isn't a 'get it now' scent for me and I wouldn't pay the £67 for 50ml that is the rrp.

That was my Glossybox for August. Although the contents were okay and the box was worth more than I paid I was amazed by this box and as a third birthday box it wasn't amazing.
But next months is paid with glossydots and I just hope it is better.


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