22 August 2014

Memebox special #19 cleansing kit

I have fallen a little behind on my blogposts recently but hopefully today I can catch up and this will be the first blogpost of a few today.
Anyway, this is my Memebox special #19 cleansing kit and if you are a cleansing nut like I am you will love this as much as I love it. It has six full sized items and looks great, especially as it only cost $23 and $6.99 postage.

The first item in the box is a face mask, what is a memebox without a face mask, and this one is the Ferderma Egyptian Mask Pack. 
I really like the paper masks as they are really hydrating and according to the leaflet this is enriched with rosemary extracts as it is great for anti wrinkle care and for it's aroma as well as the egf which is great for firming up skin and improving skin texture.
The card says this is worth $2.

The next item in the box is by D'RAN and is the second item by this brand that I have received in recent boxes as I have received the wonder serum in another box and this time I have received the Wonder Pure Cleansing Lotion. 
I love cleansing lotions as they are so quick and easy to use and they are how I was introduced to cleansers.
The description of this item says this contains snail mucus extracts and fermented bean extracts as well as centella asiatica extracts and this interests me as I have heard that fermented products and snail products are good for the skin. 
Additionally without memebox I probably wouldn't try this sort of product as they aren't widely sold in the uk.
I just hope that it is a good product.
According to the card for 150ml this is worth $25.

The next item interests me too and is the arrahan Peeling gel. 
I have never used a peeling gel before but the interest me as they supposed to be good to help with moisture and giving you soft skin.
Add to that that they are easy to use as you massage into your face then wash off and it is great to receive this in my cleansing box and be able to try it out.
The price on this is quoted as $17 for 180ml.

The next item is the Secretkey oil free lip and eye makeup remover.
This is a product that is great for a lot of people as there is often a fight to remove stubborn makeup on the eyes and lips. In my opinion it is much better to use a gentle remove than scrubbing at these delicate areas to remove waterproof or long lasting products so if this is good it is a great staple product to own.
This looks an interesting product and Secretkey is a good brand. The card also says it has no parabens, articial colours and lots of other nasties so it is win win if it is effective.
This is full sized with a quoted price of $9.

The next item is not really exciting me as I think I might already have it and either way I might no use it I have mainly dry skin with only a small amount of oily skin around my nose.
This is the Tosowoong Acne Cleansing Foam.
I might try this but I only ever get the odd spot, sadly that normally is angry and feels like it wants to take over the world, so it isn't really aimed at me.
This is full sized at 100ml with a quoted price of $15.

The final item in the box interest me as well as it is 2 step system from Makeup Helper.
This is their Special Pore Care 2Step and it is contains three 5g capsules of each stage and combines a steam pack and a lifting pack.
You steam your face then lift the dirt away and this is very interesting and will be great to try, escpexially as I can use it three times to see if I like it.
According to the card this is worth $20.

This box is interesting as I like cleansers but I am slightly disappointed that there is no cleansing oil in this box but as you get a lot for your money I can forgive them.


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