19 March 2014

Yves Rocher order (again)

I got another Yves Rocher order this week and was really happy that I got all of this for about a tenner and the delivery was really fast which was great.
So what did I order?

The only thing I actually ordered from Yves Rocher were these two products, as the other products were free gifts.
These are their organic lavender foot repair balm and they smell strongly of lavender. I bought them as my body shop peppermint lotion had run out so I needed more and I quite like lavender as it helps me sleep after long day. 
Can't wait to use these.

The first free gift I received with this order was 50ml of their So Elixir Eau de toilette. According to the back of the product this is 'fresh and luminous, reveals a delicate and sensual floral wake.'
This will be used as a gift and put in my box.

The final product I received was the restorative lip balm with Shea butter. I will probably put this in my stash until my lip balms run out. I really love Shea butter and this was a great edition as my free gift.

So that was my Yves Rocher order and I look forward to using the products as their products tend to be great quality and good value. Their gift deals are also great as I only tend to spend the minimum so my gifts are always worth more than the money I spend.
Would definitely recommend Yves Rocher.


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