25 March 2014

Love me beauty March 2014

This is my March Love Me Beauty box that I collected from the post office this morning. The first one got lost and I think this the replacement but I never can be sure with Royal Mail. I am still loving this subscription service and have boxes up to June due to my subscription being prepaid and three lovely blog readers signing up with my link.
Thank you ever so much!
Love Me Beauty is a bit different as you choose your box every month so you know what you are getting and you have some choice on the samples you receive.

The leaflets are always nice but this one is in a lovely minimalist design and I really like that. This is a great box in that it is always nicely wrapped and they don't give a magazine, which in my case is good as it never gets read in this house.

These are my contents this month, with a mask under the three products on the right. It is also nice to see I get another product this month as I have had another three months. Always a good surprise when it happens as I never track that.
So, what did I receive?

The first item in my box is a 7.5ml sample of Murad pomegranate exfoliating mask. I might try this out tonight as I haven't done a mask for a while and I really love Murad products. 
According to the leaflet this mask helps to free the skin from being dull, dry surface cells and trapped impurities as well as defending the skin from free radicals. 
This is worth £4.16.

The next item in my box is full sized and it is the Nip + Fab Viper Venom Eye Fix. According to the leaflet this has Liftonin and Syn-ake in it to minimise wrinkles under the eyes and help with fine lines.

I really like the applicator and packaging on this product and will be using it when my current under eye rollerball, the dr. Organic Dead Sea mineral eye rescue rollerball that I got from my advent calendar from youbeautydiscovery, runs out.
This is worth £14.95.

The next item is the item I wanted to use straight from the box. This is the Deep Steep Foot Stick in Candy Mint.
I managed to wait until I started my review to apply it. I really like the minty smell of this and it reminds me of the peppermint lotion from the body shop that I loved so much. I much prefer the application of this product, though, as I don't have to touch my feet with this product.
Being all natural I can read all the ingredients and like that it is also not tested on animals. I really think that an additional bonus of this being oil based is that it will last longer as you need less per applicator which means I can use it longer.
This product is full sized and worth £3.60, which a great price for a natural product.

The next product is a first for me. I have never had toothpaste in a box before and it doesn't really bother me as it is a luxury brand. This is a 15ml sample of BlanX White Shock Toothpaste.
I have issues with non white teeth so I want to see how good this as according to the brand it has innovation technology that react with light to whiten the teeth. I am sceptical but happy to try it out. 
This is worth £2.25.

Next are a pair of Gracie Lashes from the vintage cosmetic company. I don't buy or wear false eyelashes so these will go in my present cupboard to be given as a gift in the future.
They are worth £6.

Next is 50g of the Quintessentially English Bath Salts in Vintage Bouquet. I have to admit I don't really buy bath salts and the last one I used had no real perfume but these are really floral without smelling like old lady perfume so I look forward to using them.
These are worth £2.12.

The final item in my box this month was an extra as I have been using them for another three months, I think my first box was July last year, with two boxes in December. 
I received the Melvita Rose Extraordinary water rejuvenating care in a 28ml size and as I love Melvita rose products I am quite happy to try it out. 

So, that was my March Love Me Beauty box and I really love what I received. This box is one I always recommend as I have never let down and so far it has had no 'off months' which I cannot say about any other box but memebox atm.
This box is ten pounds per month plus p and p, which is a bargain when you consider that I got £33.08 worth of products in my box.

And finally a plus and minus of this box.


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  1. I was a bit disappointed with the choices this month as they all contained false eylashes which I don't wear either and bath salts but I don't have a bath. I chose the same box as you and I have to say that even though I can't stand the taste of the toothpaste so it was binned and the eyelashes and bath salts were given away, I am still very pleased because the mask was nice (although two sachets would have convinced me further, haha!) and the deep steep has transformed my feet ready for my holidays next week. I too love that you don't have to get anything messy on your hands. The viper venom is something I might have bought myself so it's a big thumbs up from me!

    1. I really liked the toothpaste and have bought more. I really like that it is nonfoaming.