27 March 2014

Souksouk March 2014 (sadly, my last one for a little while)

My March Souksouk box was collected from the post office today after a few issues with Royal Mail. I have seen other people's boxes and really looked forward to receiving it as it was mine kind of box as I like a good mix of my products and this one has a good mix.

On opening the box I saw a copy of their magazine, which is always beautifully produced and one I actually do read.

Lifting the magazine off I see my five products and a mass of cardboard worms, which Edward always enjoys. 
So what did I receive?

The first item in my box is a Chain Bridge Honey Farm Heather Honey Lip Balm. I have quite a few 
Ip balms so this one will join them until I want to use it.
It is all natural and I love honey so I will probably love using this it.
It is worth £2.95.

The next item I received in my box was the Chain Bridge Honey Farm Heather Honey Soap. We use liquid soap in the bathroom and kitchen so I might have to try this in the bath when not having bubbles. It doesn't smell of much through the packaging so I am hoping it smells more like honey when in use as I love honey.
This is worth £2.75.

The next item in my box is the Bloom Remedies Daily Revive Moisturiser. I might give this to my mother for Mother's Day. Hey, mom, if you looking you didn't see that!
I have lots of moisturisers and as this is for mature/dry skin and my skin is turning oily normal combo it might be better on her especially as I am only thirty two. According to the leaflet this is perfect for dried out winter skin.
This is worth £8.50.

The next item in my box is the Green People Age Defy+ Soft Buff Exfoliator.  This looks quite interesting and exfoliators are always good. 
This is worth £6.65.

The final item in my box is probably my favourite item in this box and that surprises me as I  am not normally a eyeshadow loose pigment person.
This is the Bohemian Chic mineral Eyeshadow and it is cruelty free and vegan as well as ideal for sensitive eyes.
This is great after getting a reaction from the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette I bought with my birthday money, which makes me sad.

I received Morning Coffee and this is a beautiful nude brown and after having it on my hand for quite a few hours I can attest that it long lasting and not too messy.
A great item and I will definitely use it.
This is worth £5.50.

I really like this box and have really enjoyed the three boxes that I have received so far from this company and will definitely buy more in the future. The main reason that I am taking a break is because my stash is huge but I would definitely recommend this box to my customer if you want great Eco products.


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