19 March 2014

Lipfactory march 2014

I have cancelled some subs but some I have restarted, such as this one. I first experience lipfactory in July but quit after one box and after seeing that it was all lips in march I couldn't help but sign up as I had just cancelled glossybox and then a few days ago cancelled wantable, following the whole blusher/bronzer and coral/nude debacle. 
But I am glad to say this month I have loved my lipfactory.
But, as per normal, what did I get? 
Let me show you.

The first item I received was in this little packet and it is the Mirenesse lip bomb. The packaging looks really luxurious and it was definitely made me anxious to look what was inside the packaging.

Inside was the rather snazzy lip bomb and I really love the luxury packaging. According to the packaging this is a glossy lacquer stain and it is in shade thirteen.

I really like this baby pink lipgloss and I am really surprised by that as I have highly pigmented lips and I don't tend to like lip colours that are paler than my natural lip colour.
This a very sticky and thick product when first applied but I really like it and it very quickly sank into my lips and left soft lips with this beautiful colour.
I will definitely wear it though and will probably love to receive another, although they are pricey to buy in the uk at £23.40, more than the cost of this box, on the birchbox uk site.

The next item in the box is the Jesse's Girl kohl formula lip liner in the shade melon. This has a soft formula and I love the addition of the pencil sharpener as it prevents the need to hunt around for one.

It is a beautiful red colour with hints of pink and orange and is a great staple lip liner as it will go with lots of different coloured lip products.

The next item is the Jesse's Girl Vitamin E Treatment. This is a lipstick that is clear and helps them stay soft and supple. I really like this as it is none greasy and softening but it was a downside... It smells like playdoh.

The next item in the box is ellovi lip butter and this is a pure cosmetic with only six ingredients.
These ingredients are Hawaiian coconut, sunflower, hemp, macadamia, Ghanaian marula and Shea. It is a soft and moisturising lip butter and a great addition to my lip balm collection.

The final product in this box is the Cargo lipgloss quad in south beach. I love the packaging and it reminds me of the lush solid shampoo covers that I bought a long time ago. It fits perfectly in my hand and feels substantial, but modern.

Inside are two nude, one pink nude and a light pink colour lip gloss. I have to apologise for the finger print in one colour as I didn't realise how soft they were and have to admit they look even worse after I swatched them in the picture below as they now have four finger marks in them.

These are the shades of the lipglosses and the gold on the fair left is almost clear as it has little pigment. I really love the nudes and they are nice to wear on days I want some colour but not much.
However, I will definitely need to use a lip brush to apply these or be very careful with my finger.
These cost £15 in the uk and they are nice for the value.

So, that is my first lipfactory and I am really happy with I got and I definitely got good value in this box and will use everything in it.
Do you get lipfactory? If so, what do you think and if not what are your opinions on this box?

Hope you are having a lovely day,


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