29 March 2014

LJH Doctor's Care+ facial mask sheet tea tree

The LHJ Doctor's Care+ facial mask sheet tea tree is a sebum controlling mask for people with troubled skin. 
It contains tea tree, centrella asiatic extract and ginkgo leaf extract and these ingredients help to leave the skin feel refreshed and thoroughly cleansed and keeps skin issues at bay.

I used this last night and here I can tell you how I feel about it. I have to admit that this is the first ever sheet mask that I have used as I don't really see them on sale in the UK, however they seem to appear in a lot of my Memeboxes. 

It was very wet and slipped and slid a little on application as it was very sodden with a combination of the various extracts that it contained. 
It was very wet but it wasn't unpleasant and some of the product immediately sank into my skin with most of it penetrating the skin during the fifteen minutes that I wore it.
The excess was massaged into my skin after I threw away the paper mask and very quickly dried to leave my skin feeling nice and dry, ready for the rest of my skincare.
As you see they are very attractive to wear too!

It left my skin feeling very tight and my skin felt very clean after use. The tea tree will great for blemishes and cleansing the face and I love how clean it makes my face feel and how tight the skin feels.
Even the following day my skin feels a lot tighter and better cleansed due to the use of this product.
I am glad I have two more as I enjoyed using them and can't afford the Korean postage fees.

This is the first product I have used from my memeboxes in terms of skincare and I really like it and look forward to trying the products I have received, as well as the ones I will receive too.


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