20 March 2014

Soap & glory peaches and clean cleanser review

After using up my other soap and glory cleanser and loving it I decided to use the much hyped up peaches & clean next as I really wanted to see whether it was any good and whether I would like it as much as the face, soap and clarity, which I loved.
So how did I feel about peaches & clean?

Well, this product is slightly unexpected as for my skin it didn't react as it had with other people with sensitive skin.

I really like it and I haven't had any breakouts or reactions to it but I was really expecting it to react with my skin more as I have sensitive skin and to get a deep tingle from it I have to leave it on for ten minutes plus. 
I really like it though and it smells divine and leaves my bathroom smelling amazing but I much prefer the face, soap and clarity as I love the exfoliating particles in the gel as I tend to get a deep cleaning from that product due to their addition.
Would I recommend this?
Yes, but I just wish that face, soap and clarity had this scent and I would be in heaven.


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