24 March 2014

Lootcrate march 2014

Alongside the nerdblock I have signed up for three months of Lootcrate to compare it against and this is my first Lootcrate of the subscription. I knew ahead of time that this was a Titan box and thought Paul would enjoy the t shirt so I ordered.
But, what did I receive in this box?

My first thought when I saw this box is that it is a lot smaller than the nerdblock but I liked the front of the booklet as the graphic looked amazing.

On pulling out the magazine I was happy to see sweeties, a nice badge and a t shirt with a great picture on it. I was happy as I knew Paul would like the t shrt too.
But what did I receive?

The first item was an exclusive Titanfall t shirt from Respawn Entertainment and EA. Hubby has been wearing this the last few days and really likes it.
It was originally only available to the development team and show the Titanfall logo as well as a picture of a pilot within a Titan.
Really cool.

Next item is this months Lootcrate badge with another Titanfall graphic on it.

The next item in my box is an Attack on Titan- Scouting Regiment Wristband. This wasn't really that exciting but my son seemed to like it as it was like another bracelet for him.

Next was a couple of pieces of taffy that didn't last very long and were to celebrate St. Patricks day according to the leaflet.

The next three items were a magnet, a strategy e guide and an attack on Titan manga book. Not really that exciting but Paul enjoyed the manga and the magnet will go on my fridge. Very unlikely that the guide will be used by us though as hubby plays other games, Edward is too young and I have no interest.

Edward seems to like the manga too!

The final item is a lanyard and I don't really think this will be used but I might put it round Chumley's neck, Chumley is our three foot Charlie bear, and he can look after it.

For fifteen pounds this wasn't a bad box but it didn't really excite me. I look forward to next months box though to see whether it suits me better.


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