16 March 2014

Memebox superbox #1

My memebox superbox #1 arrived on Monday and I have been a bit lazy doing the review of my birthday present from my in laws but after admiring the products in the box I have decided to do the review.

The box was really full and I really loved that as I got nine full sized products for my just under forty five pounds and that makes me really happy as I hate sample sized products as it is hard to make a true assessment on a sample size product.
So what did I get in my box?

The first item is a bag of 20 natural cocoon peeling silk balls from Pureplus+. These are made from 100% natural silk and you soak them! put them on your finger and massage your face to exfoliate and naturally hydrate the skin without using additional products. 
They look really interesting and with twenty it will give me plenty of time to assess how good they are. They are worth $5.

The second item in my box is a cleanser to add to my burgeoning collection. This is the re:cipe by nature slowganic cleanser in lemon in a 130g size. 
According to the leaflet, that tells you all you need to know in English, great as the packaging is all in Korean, this cleanser is made from organic raw materials such as lemon extract, lime oil and herbs and it will 'whisk away everyday impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of essential moisture'.
I haven't broke the internal seal but if I take the outer lid off it strongly smells of lemon and as I love all things citrus that is a great thing.
I will be using this after my soap and glory as it looks really great.
It is worth $40.29.

The next item in the box is the SN-T Goddess cream in a 50ml tub. This is a cream that clears breakouts, improves skin tone and protects skin from impurities according to the leaflet. 
This is a cream that includes yew stem cells and after trying a cream with stem cells in it from my youbeautydiscovery box months ago I am really excited to try this as that serum was amazing.
This is worth $27.50.

The next item in my box is Cheek Room Lip & Cheek in orange. I love love love the sassy packaging and think it looks really retro.

In the box it is a beautiful coral colour. 

This is a beautiful pinky orange on the lips and is really moisturising. It also blends out really nice on the cheeks to give a really natural blush. 
In fact Edward want to try this on and I tried it on his cheeks first and it was beautiful on both my skin tone and his slightly darker skin tone. I don't usually like lip balms but this is great.
This is worth $8.99.

This is the product I am most excited by in my box. This is Ddobyul skin therapy plant stem cell anti ageing solution.
I loved my Neostem and look forward to using this too and was the main reason I bought this box as it is worth $73.15, which is more than the cost of the box. According to the box this product offers an oil free formula that offers weightless hydration and enhances skin complexion. I will probably use this as a serum.

The next product is the SKIN 1004 Cocoon Pore tightening soap. I have never used a cleansing soap before but I am very happy to try it as part of my cleansing reviews I am doing for a long while. This is suitable for sensitive skin too which is great and is worth $20.

The final products in my box are three of the LJH tea tree masks. I will do a review of these soon as they look really good as they are supposed to enhance skin complexion, brighten dark spots and help skin troubles. These are worth $3.

So, that was my birthday present from my in laws, the memebox superbox #1 and I love it. I have loved all memeboxes so far so I am a little upset that from the 31st march they will no longer be accepting uk orders. I have stocked up so I will get boxes until October but still upsetting.

Would definitely recommend memebox and if you want more info it can be found @ www.memebox.com.



  1. Wow, that looks like a terrific box. Like you I am a Memebox fan from the UK - it's a shame they're stopping delivery to here but probably good for the bank balance!

    1. Very good for the bank balance. Memebox are great and I will be reviewing them until October. Have lots coming in April too and really excited

  2. Replies
    1. standard is about a week to the uk from the shipping date... express 2 or 3 days. but make sure you check shipping dates as most boxes are released a month or upto two before their dispatch date.