14 March 2014

Edward mothercare sale and next new season clothes haul

Last couple of days the weather has turned so I have been looking forward to the summer and Edward's birthday in September so I have started to restock his wardrobe with some size three to four clothing for him to grow into and some warmer weather clothes ready for spring and summer.
Add in the fact that mothercare is having a clothing sale and the items are buy one get one half price and I can't resist.

The first item I bought from mothercare and it is a pair of 'on the docks' blue cotton trousers with beige braces. I really love the braces and the trousers are smart but casual and would be perfect for church and at least I know they will stay up on my skinny son as we do have issues with trousers falling down sometimes as Edward is now nappy free except at night.
These actually went through half price and cost me £3.25 which is a bargain.

The next item I bought from mothercare is a duplicate as I have it in two to three and love it so bought it in three to four. 
This is from their 'I totally rock' range and is the 'baroque pop' t shirt and I love it as it is so funky with embroidery on the cuffs in a beautiful gold colour. 
This was my other half off item and as it was already half off I bought it for only £1.75 and I love it so much I only wish that they had had more in store but to be honest there was very little in the size three to four.

The next item I bought at mothercare was from their 'the blue bear mountain range' and is their 'adventureland' khaki t shirt in age three to four.
I really love the badges and they are so cute. This only cost me £5.60 too which is a great price.

The last item I bought from mothercare's clothing sale is a polo shirt from the boys wear collection from Myleene Klass and it has an embroidered leopard on it and is 100% cotton and feels and looks great quality. It cost me £7 in the sale and I think it is great value.

My mum will love this t shirt from next. It was in their three for fifteen promo and it is a really cute t shirt but I have just noticed it is the wrong size, which is frustrating as I never noticed at the time. 
So cute though and as Edward is skinny it may well fit but be a little short.

The next Next purchase was also in the three for fifteen promo and has a 3d fin on the back of it. It is 100% cotton and will be great for the summer as it is in a three to four year size so room to grow. 

Although not featured here the third thing I bought in the three for fifteen promo was a pair of grey jogger bottoms that he has already worn.

The next Next item I purchased was a hooded waistcoat in a thick fabric with a short sleeved t shirt underneath it that will be great for the changeable summer weather in the UK. Both items are 100% and both the hubby and I loved it on first sight. Looks so much better in real life than on the pic.
This cost £17 but I love love love it.

The last item in this haul was from Next and is another pair of trousers with braces. This time the braces are blue with red stars and the trousers are jeans which make them slightly more casual than the first pair but I love them as much.
These were £14 but are another item I loved on first sight, although my son says he don't like them. But as soon as he can earn his own money he can pick his own clothes.

I used to despair at boys clothes but I am really glad I managed to get some cute not stereotypical clothes for my little boy. All are great quality and no monsters, transport and army stuff in site. Hopefully he will look really dapper in these clothes.
Can't believe that I am already buying three to four though. Where is my little boy... I think I now have a teenie-ager.


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