11 March 2014

Youbeautydiscovery march 2014

I had issues with payment with youbeautydiscovery this month and very nearly didn't buy but I am really glad I did resolve it as the box arrived yesterday and I am really happy with all I received. 

This box is slightly different as it is only £6.95 including postage and you choose which samples/full sized products you would like from among the ones in their monthly selection.
This month's products had the subject matter of 'best in British' and there were nine to choose from including a body shop cleansing butter that I had bought days before which was irritating so I chose something else instead.

So, what did I receive?

The first thing you see when opening the box is the youbeautydiscovery magazine for march that details all the products as well as any special offers you can get from the brands connected. 

The first extra this month was two tea bags from dragonfly tea with one in Moroccan mint and one in swirling mist as well as a 50p off coupon to buy more. 
I tried the mint tea yesterday and really enjoyed it, although I am more of a coffee drinking as I need the caffeine to help me chase after my toddler son. It was a really nice herbal tea though as It both smelled and tasted like mint unlike some other brands.
I probably wouldn't buy this myself but it was a nice thing to try.

The nice extra I received this month was a pair of toe separators from the vintage cosmetic company.  They are really pretty and I am really glad I didn't get the tweezers, as I have three pairs from this company already, or the Gracie lashes, as I don't use false lashes. 
These are worth £3.75, which is less than the worth of the other options but suits me better so I am still happy.

The first product I chose this month is the Orico London transcend marine radiance serum. I really love serums so getting this in a 10ml size really makes me happy as a little will go a long way and I will probably get a couple of weeks usage from it.
According to the leaflet, this serum contains marine algae and maca root extract and it will visibly brighten and the lift the skin and make it look well rested and glowing. Great for a sleep deprived mother.
This sample is worth £11.33.

The second product I chose was GlycoWash by Beautylab. 
I am trying out cleansers at the moment and I really look forward to using this facial wash as I have heard very good things about the washes with glycolic acid in them. I will try using alongside a normal cleanser two or three times a week and see how good it is.
This a 100ml sample and is worth £16.

So that was my youbeautydiscovery box for march and I really like the products I received as I will definitely use both and they are things I would probably not buy if I saw them in a shop as both are expensive brands.
This months contents were worth £31.08.

I have never been disappointed completely by this company and I really recommend this company. More info can be found on them here.


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